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  1. Hi, Impressive finish where did you get it from please? Regards Mark
  2. Bob, Good to know going to need a few bits of stainless. Regards Mark
  3. Its the only way to survive in business 'continual improvement'. I think the progress is excellent. Keep it up GBS.
  4. MarkBzero

    More Piccies

    Thank you rivnuts it is then. Cheers
  5. For the sake of a few quid I would reccommend changing the seal as a precuationary measure.
  6. MarkBzero


    I have not seen anything specific but with the zero I have put my fuel lines under the car between the lowered floor. Therefore keeping them separate. Personal preference. Mark
  7. MarkBzero

    More Piccies

    John, Looks good, any chance you can do a photo of inside the rear wings, to show the joining method nuts/bolts, rivets etc? Thanks Mark
  8. Dinger, Looking really good have you got RAC cover, does the RAC cover kit cars? Would you be interested in AA cover? The AA man
  9. MarkBzero


    Dave, Looking really good you're a long way ahead of me, mainly work and misses keeping me out of the garage. Won't be long now! Regards Mark
  10. Nothing wrong with the sierra loom cut out the circuits you don't need, replace the fuse box if you want to (not necessary). Simple keep the sierra haynes manual colours are the same. Better for the budget ultimately personal choice. Regards Mark
  11. Amazing i'm hurting all over thinking about it.
  12. Sounds like a a good plan. On the list to do jobs! Thanks
  13. Hi All, I am going to join my stainless steel bonnet to the nose cone then hinge the complete unit at the front below radiator. What do you think is the best solution rivets or stainless steel button head hex screws? Advice please. Regards Mark
  14. MarkBzero


    I tried Footmans James and they would not insure me with out a chassis or reg no. Frank pickles was ok based on 3000 miles a year (silly because its on axle stands) and finish value of £7000 it was £93 had a discount due to RHOCaR membership. Once passed IVA and registered final quote will be £130. What do you think? Regards Mark
  15. Paul, Best of luck for the 12th it will be good to have another zero on the road. Regards Mark
  16. Waiting for parcel from GBS (Nose cone and bits)

  17. Matt, Ali is easier to work with stainless steel is a pain in the behind. I agree with Jess's comments above. However I love the look of stainless and not to worried about the power to weight ratio's etc so from day one it was always going to be stainless for me. Regards Mark
  18. I used Panda tools on ebay size medium, they come with metal and plastic clips. Try this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/4-x-SLIDE-A-BOOT-MEDIUM-STRETCHY-CV-KITS-FITTING-CONE-/170513153248?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27b3603ce0 Regards Mark
  19. Same as Dan both please, if Zero is ready although I would turn up in tin top and TEC (shed on wheels) . I might be ex-forces but I like my comfort.
  20. Joe, As above I have used the flexi through the panel with a washer. Copied of some other cars that have passed IVA, but that really depends on the inspector, weather, time of the month, star and moon line up. Regards Mark
  21. Rik, Another Zero will soon be on the road, have you set a deadline? Regards Mark
  22. They always manage to have great deals most stuff is OK for DIY work. They have never let me down for warranty. Good deal.
  23. Good result for a few freebies and thanks to Andi organising it top bloke . Regards Mark
  24. After my good comments earlier I am now in the other camp 'poor service'. Called twice, emailed once as a reminder for bits that was missing from the original kit. Guess what they did not bring them to Stafford transportation problems. Now do I go on Sunday or risk the mail system? Regards Mark
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