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Found 18 results

  1. Burney

    Rev counter

    Hi I have a smyths rev counter, can anyone advise how to wire it up? I have a wire from the coil and a positive feed does the other just go to earth? Anyway I can test? Ta in advance
  2. Hello It might be a long shot but I am after a manifold for my Robin Hood which has a 2.0l Pinto. At the moment I have an original Sierra manifold but I would prefer one of the Robin Hood Engineering ones. Has anyone got one that they don't want anymore? Thanks Graeme
  3. Burney


    Hi I have a smiths speedo is it just the one big cable goes to the back of it or is the spade on the back needed to ground?
  4. Check on preloved website http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119139907/robin-hood-kitcar-track-day-car-with-car-trailerono.html?ref=advert-
  5. Hello I am looking for some advice please. I have a Robin Hood that is based on a 1988 Ford Sierra. It is running a 2.0l OHC Pinto with an ESC II module. I was thinking about replacing the standard ignition system with electronic ignition. I was looking at Accuspark but I am a bit unclear as to what to go for. The current system seems to have a ballast coil that takes it feed from the ESC module. The Bosch distributor hasn't got a vacuum advance and takes it feeds from the coil and ESC module which has got a vacuum feed from the manifold. Is it better to
  6. Hi guys New owner and complete a mature here any help and recommendations welcome. I’ve got a 2l Pinto engine which I have records saying it was built in 1975 for a Cortina. The starter motor is very lazy. I bought a new bosh style one off eBay but it is just spinning so believe it is a bad fit. The one that’s come off the car is a Lucas 25345a. Could someone please recommend a new, more efficient replacement? thanks
  7. GCash

    Pinto Idle

    Hello I have just about finished my Robin Hood but there seems to be a problem with the idle. After a couple of minutes it starts going lumpy and cuts out. It keeps cutting out if I don't hold the throttle open slightly. It is a 2.0l Pinto with a Weber 30/34 DFTH. I noticed there is a pipe coming from the carb that looks like a breather (black and red). The problem stopped when I sealed the end of this pipe. This may be a stupid question but, does anyone know what it is for? Is it originally from the air cleaner? Thanks Graeme
  8. Hi guys been a while, i've put a new rad in the Robin Hod which has no header built in. The only thing left is the original air bleed off point which i will now use as the filler . Any idea on a remote header tank for it? Not looking to go pressurised just staying standard.
  9. Can anyone help me identify this cam please ?
  10. Hi All, I'm in the process of installing Megajolt to my Pinto engine which is running on cbr900 bike carbs. I would like to have a second temperature sensor so that the Megajolt can adjust the timing relative to the temperature of the engine. I am aware that I cannot use the temperature sensor in the head for the MJ as well as the temp gauge so I need a second one. I have a temp sensor in the top pipe already for my temp controlled fan. Does anyone have any other ideas where I could put another one? Having read this forum (http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/forum/3/viewthread.php?
  11. I have a 2.0 Pinto for my Sierra 7, and twin Weber 40 DCOE carburettors for it. However, having never done a project like this before, I have no idea where to obtain hoses for the connections, nor how they should all be connected. If anyone could point me towards somewhere from which to obtain these hoses, and possibly a throttle linkage? I have the Pinto hiflow inlet manifold. Thanks! Alex
  12. matvic

    Pinto 2.0L Head

    Wanted - a new head for a Pinto 2.0l - originally a '72 RS2000 Escort, but anything that will get it running will do. Thanks
  13. For sale is my beloved GBS Zero Fitted with an extensively tuned pinto engine using a 205 motorsport block and Kawasaki zx9r bike carbs. Full spec below....
  14. Hi all, i am urgently after a running good 2.0l pinto engine if anyone can assist please pm me details. regards keith
  15. Well,it looks like I have just bought a woman I don't like a house again so now need to sell some of the spare parts I have left over when changing the engine in my Zero from pinto to Zetec. So the following is for sale and I'll give it a week on here and then it's on eBay, gum tree etc. As ever the small stuff I can post out at the best price I can get but the engine will need to be collected from Bucks (hp9) or Herts (wd6). So 2ltr pinto engine 205 block. Shortened steel sump with extra capacity so the sump is the same height as the gearbox. Gates cambelt with blue adjustable c
  16. I have my 2L pinto engine in bits at the moment and a friend has commented that there are some marks in the bores he says from where the piston has been sitting maybe from a bit of damp and advised that i should not use the block. I Got another block from a good friend which was running well and this has similar marks on number 3 but no where near as bad. the bores all feel smooth to the touch but just have slight marks. Are these block no good as they are or are they fine? not sure if he is being a bit anal or if he is valid in what he is saying will try and get a pic in the week.
  17. New engine in and mostly working, but cam belt is cutting top radiator hose!! Even when I move it away. Has anyone got a cam belt cover for sale? Thanks Matt
  18. Mr_Frosty

    Dead Engine?

    So here it is. Nice day so I changed my oil for Valvolene 20w-50 on my 2.0 pinto engine. Take her for a drive to put some fuel in her after having very little in over winter. On my way back home so engine is warm nice long straight so give it some loud pedal get to lets say a swift speed holds it for a little them something goes pop? Oil pressure is down from being at 55ish psi to 20psi and water temp rises and LOTS of blue smoke. Got it home not very far like 1 mile driving slow turned her off. Now when I turn it on it still runs on all four cylinders but now making a clattering n
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