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Robin Hood Daytona

Guest g.miller

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Guest g.miller


got the car back today :rolleyes: brakes are now OK but the engine is running rough, and the head lights have stoped working on main beam <_<


will try to make it on Sunday [Chris are you going to the Baldock meet? Do we go through the Tunnel :yahoo: ?] would be nice to have some company with a tow rope [only joing towing without the engine running no no no it weights about 1.5 tonnes mind you maybe a lots less without me] :unknw:


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Guest robin

Hi guys,

I'm hoping to make that one but my missus is just about ready to burst with our firstborn so we'll see.

Mr G, did you mean the Hatfield tunnel? If so then you'd only go through that if you took the very long way home!!


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Guest g.miller

yes V12 and Tunnel . [ i thought it was near Baldock on the new bypass but have only been through once]


I thought, go through the tunnel then realize had gone the wrong way and then have to do a U'y and go back through the tunnel again. i did suggest this to Chris but not had a reply yet. :o


still a child at heart. lets hope i don't have to push it, it would not sound the same.

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On 3/25/2007 at 2:43 AM, Guest g.miller said:


I have a car built by Robin Hood engineering in the early 1980's which is a Ferrari Daytona, based on a Jag XJ12 platform.

doe's anyone know if there are any more in your club?

sorry if this is in the wrong section [new to the club]





I’m looking at purchasing a Robin Hood Ferrari replica preferably a jag V12 version. Can you assist. 
my email


i love to have a chat if you would like to call. I’m in Australia. +61419 657 022



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Out of interest I have done a bit of Googling, I found records of 3 RS Daytona Spyders, SAN 948S is the car that features earlier in this post, currently it is on SORN, so not on the road. 978 DJU is taxed so most likely on the road. There was also one in Holland NV-82_ST. One came up for sale on e-Bay as an unfinished project, this was a while ago, however the seller appears to be still active, they have a comment from a customer in the last six months. The seller's handle is "daytonalovercars", I attach a pdf of the ebay page showing this seller, so she/he can be contacted via ebay, and might know what happened to the kit.


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