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Superspec Fuel Prime


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After sitting for a day or two my Superspec requires at least three primes of the fuel pump for the engine to fire - it would seem the fuel runs out of the lines back into the tank.

The obvious solution would be to install a non-return valve somewhere in the fuel line from the tank to the engine but where abouts?

I take it this is/was a common problem with them?

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After sitting for a day or two my Superspec requires at least three primes of the fuel pump for the engine to fire


At the risk of telling you how to start an engine (don't want to appear patronising!).... do you give it a bit of throttle when you turn the ignition?


With no throttle mine takes a few goes from cold. But with a little throttle, it starts first time every time. (Touch wood....)

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It's fitted with the normal aspired Rover 2L T-series engine and the Ford Fiesta fuel tank with internal fuel pump.

Have to turn the ignition on, fuel pump will run for about a second until the relay drops out then turn ignition off for 10 seconds until relay resets and repeat 3 times at least - will always fire on the 4th prime.

As for throttle dont need it after the fourth prime. - and doesn't make a difference anyway.

There is this bloody big huge fuel filter in the line - see photo attached and was wondering if ye alls are like that.

As for a swirl pot - had to look the automotiive encyclopaedia for that one, and still dont know if I've got one.


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If it's the fuel tank as supplied in the superspec kit, then there is a swirl pot inside the tank.


I've got the same large fuel filter - but it sits in the horizontal position. Which direction does the fuel flow from the bottom of the filter - to the engine or back to the tank?

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As Harvs says, the swirl pot is in the tank on the standard supplied fuel tank.


The initial working of the pump then cutting out is to pressurise the system before starting (engine should fire after this initial pressurisation), potentialy the fuel pressure regulator (located at the end of the fuel rail [radiator end] looks like a small egg cup type thing with the fuel return to the tank) could be on the way out.


One thing to check is that the filter /fuel supply are connected correctly. There should be an arrow on the fuel filter indicating direction of flow to the engine. The fuel should enter the fuel rail at the bulk head end near to the throttle body.


Or could be the pump, they have been known to have 'issues'. Does the engine run ok once started?

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My fuel filter installed just like your picture (in at bottom, out at top) - no problems. All my car is bog-standard super-spec. Have to prime it twice if it's been standing for two weeks or more, otherwise starts after first prime. IIRC, the primed fuel pressure is at 2-bar (think that was from the Haynes rover manual) - I could be wrong. I wonder how difficult it would be to attach a pressure gauge to the fuel system - that would tell you where your problem is.


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