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My New Ikea Exhaust Build

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So i've decided it was time to change the RH twin pipe and cast manifold. So its time for the hacksaw and welder :)


I want a smooth looking stainless system so i've been on the lookout for something i could use for the ends of the exhaust can.... IKEA to the rescue. I found some stainless half round bowls which i figured would look great and provide the smooth shape i wanted so...


With a bit of cutting to put the pipe through:



Here's the system a bit more complete showing the 50cm perforated tube


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For the can i cut a piece of sheet stainless. I couldn't roll it myself so the local engineers put it through their roller for me for free (great guys!)


just getting it ready to weld the seam so there are black cable ties holding the circle tight


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heres it looking a bit more complete



Its going to be repackable so going to bolt the can to the ends. I'm also making the 4-1 manifold so have bends and got some flanges cut (many thanks Laserman).

So hopefully this should all replace what i have and be more powerful as its straight through and i'm going to make equal length primaries, and quieter as the can is much longer than the rh one (which has prob lost most of its packing).

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hahaha my garage sure looks like a scrap heap :) The sheet stainless was from the local ribena factory so another food related part.


welding isn't fantastic but not too bad. Quite pleased as the ikea bowls are 0.5mm thick and only blew a few holes with the mig with 0.8 wire.

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Oh yeah it isn’t a unique shape particularly, was more just the use of ikea bowls. Most cans I’ve seen have had squarer ends but I wanted a rounder look, more like the cobra side pipes.


As you say getting one made would be expensive.


The kitchen departments are always a good place to find odd bits of stainless :)

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Welded the tube seam tonight. went alright, my welding isn't fantastic but you won't see the seam anyway :)


Going to weld a thick piece of stainless inside the tube with a nut so i can bolt the bobbins directly to the can, rather than put a load of bracketry on the outside.


Incase anyone is interested the costs so far


2x ikea bowls ~£3.50

2x mandrel bend 45degree 2" £22

1m stainless 2" tube £11.50

50cm perforated 2" tube £6

(delivery £7)


Total for can - £50



For the 4-1 manifold

4x 180 degree stainless bends £29

pinto flanges and connection flanges 10mm stainless £32


Total for manifold - £61



+ Argon and wire ~£25

+ wadding £15??



Total for complete system £151

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just have to wait and see if it actually works i guess :)


4-1 will be the hardest part i think especially making sure they are all equal length.


Think i'm going to have to make a new engine mount arm that the exhaust can pass through unless i can work out how to reposition the pipes to still be equal but exit at a different angle.


bit of mocking up required me thinks

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