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Memorial Run

ivan the terrible

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Hi all,

just wondering if anyone fancied a run out in the kits to remember Mark B,

a Memorial Run,

he told me tales of when he had his kit he would get a phone call from fellow owners (you know who you are) they would ask if he was busy and if not did he fancy a drive out, and he usually did,

well I thought it might be a good idea to have a day out in his honour,

I've been in touch with Emma, and she likes the idea,

if there were enough of us we could take Emma and the boys as passengers, failing that she said that she would tag along in the Skoda sorry VRS,

we could take some of the roads he used to drive, and of course the famous road where he lost his wheel (but hopefully not copy him),

maybe stop at a pub on route for a drink and lunch possibly

hopefully some of you out there will know some of the places he used to go to,

it could become an annual day out



what do you think?



Ivan :)

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Guest alfaGTA

Aye im on for a run out!

Throw up a few routes and we'll get it done, can offer a passenger seat too for those without a kit but want the craic

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Guest mower man

Cracking idea Ivan as others bit of notice and where to meet is all me and stell need week day or week end no prob mick :clapping: :crazy: :drinks:

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