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South Yorkshire Run Out

ivan the terrible

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Hi all, anybody fancy a run out on Sunday seeing as the weather is good at the moment, thought of going to the peak district or matlock, we're going to camp somewhere on Saturday night then a drive on Sunday, so if anyone wants to join us you're more than welcome, only taking camping gear that fits in the kit, travelling light, could also do a drive out on Saturday evening too,


Cheers Ivan+Andrea


(Sorry,meant to say Anybody welcome, not just south Yorkshire lot)

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i just make it up as i go along. either that or sit and study a map.

i don't do it often enough to recommend routes. hardly done any mileage this year tbh.

keep us posted on times and meet point. me and the mrs could well be up for it. with a pub somewhere for a drink if its a warm one.

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Guest Gargoil

Me too, but Betty is tucked up in bed with a temperature and the rest of us are off to the Forest of Dean for the weekend.


Still, have a blast. The peak District is the UK's best kept secret.........

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Hi all


I have put together a route on attached link (hope it works)



Thought we'd start fairly central to everyone at Hathersage (meet in carpark area of highstreet at 9.00am). I've tried to get a good mix of A,B and lanes. Some I know, others not. So guess there will be quite a few Phukarewe moments Lol...If anyone has a SAT Nav they can ride point hah hah


Should be a few pubs enroute so could stop off at anyone for a break/ refreshments (Easy to guage where to stop, just see how far Andreas tounge is hanging out)

:rofl: :rofl: :vava:

Let me know if we need to make any changes...lets hope for some decent weather..Route is approx 87 miles and 3hrs according to Google :acute:


Marcus, you could meet at mine for 08:15?


cheers Terry

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