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2B Sliding Pillar 'knock Down And Rebuild'


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Just picked up my springs for the suspension. I bought some uprated front springs for the sliding pillar. When they came they were yellow and the finish wasn't great. Rather than send them back and incur the expense I decided to get them and while I was at it the rear springs to match.


It's nice getting all these shiny bits!



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Nice and shiny! :)


Are these the bits you need for your rack? If so drop me a message with your address and I'll ping them off to you.










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Well! I seem to have been away for an eternity! Hello again all!


Got the rear subframe and suspension fitted back in early summer and managed to get the Diff fitted before taking a break.


This turned out to be 12 weeks or so - ouch. Where did that time go...


With half term looming and me taking a week off to kick start the 2B again i started to do some preparatory work - finally stripped the block to (hopefully) sort and source the oil leak that is clearly present (or has been). I have stripped the engine down and changed all seals before giving the block etc an honest sympathetic spruce up!




oh i made my own flywheel locking tool! 8)










I went and got me some new wheels - i am so chuffed with them. Lots of jiggery pokery making sure i had ordered the right ones (size etc).




Started to fabricate an adjuster bar for my handbrake cables




and this is it in situ with my modified Mini handbrake lever.




I now have a rolling chassis again - slowly (some might say very slowly!!!) i am freeing up more work space in my garage. I can now get her outside and use my garage more like a workshop now.


My head is being converted to unleaded and should be back in a couple of weeks all being well.


I can now set about fitting brake lines, fully lines and wiring loom and hopefully will get out a couple of evenings this week!




ta ta for now!

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This week I have made two tank straps out of the old Sierra strap. Really chuffed




I'll upload pics of the straps in situ this weekend.


Got the fuel pump fitted




I need to get on with brake lines and fuel lines this weekend.


I need to fit my callipers too.


Oh before I go. I promised a pic of my new wheels. The ford ones went - although I liked them the work involved to get them to fit was all a bit involved.


Can't wait to be rolling on these! 😛




Ah nearly forgot. I have made a mock up screen (out of wood first) so I can drill and tap frames and not 'hurt' anything.


Can't wait to get out this weekend 😀

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Quick tip , bin the steel fuel filter that is screwed into the pump they block up very quickly.


Get you self one of the see through ones for about 2 quid, loads of folk on here have had problems with them.


If you haven't got a spare screw in adaptor then stuff a drill through the filter.


By the way just love the wheels.

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Hello all


jeez-o! I thought only a couple of years had past since I’d been in the garage and on the forum. A redundancy, career change, retraining, house renovations and a whole host of other qualifications for means that I am now getting back in the garage properly after 4 and a bit years! 

Will update on progress soon. Nice to be back. 

all the best - Sid

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😀 don't want to show off but I built my entire car in half the the time you've been away - although, admittedly, I've not done any work to the house, which my wife keeps reminding me about...

Welcome back! 🙏

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