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2B Sliding Pillar 'knock Down And Rebuild'


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Hello all


I thought i would have a go at starting a build diary...


The story so far…We moved house in the summer of 2014. To my luck (albeit my wife (Jo) would say otherwise) the house came with a car in garage! I had always hankered after a seven type car! :clapping:


After cleaning up the garage - and sorted out some parts this is what i had been left with;




Not bad i thought. After a bit of digging around i found this forum and agentzed, Ian & Carole and tazzzzman1 helped me to identify that i had a Sliding Pillar car.




The engine turned over as well - yippie. However, i will be covering to an unleaded head at some stage. I do know that i have a fast road cam.




So, i made the decision as the car had never been finished to strip the car and start over. I have the V5 and i will at some stage have to write to Ford to verify the age of items (Engine, Gearbox and Diff) for the IVA. Stripping it will give me a chance to recondition and clean bits up and i will be safe in the knowledge i know my car.








Most of this work took place in September 2014.

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The strip continues into October - I have taken a lot of the body panels off;




I am trying to take it to pieces methodically (will i ever get the engine out?!?!?) - i am boxing and labelling at i go.




Does anyone know the size of this tank? I am also going to install a fuel pump - has anyone done this and have you got pics of how you have done yours?




Looking at the firewall and the strength of the pedal box and steering column. I am going to strengthen all this up when i rebuild. I am also going to change the alligator bonnet for a conventional scuttle and bonnet option.




However, when taking the panels off. The cover that was on top of the gearbox held a little secret...




like most of you the wiring keeps me awake all night!!! I will go through it and strip out whats not needed. I have hung it up on the wall and using hooks i have hung this up with a very dodgy drawing outing the whole car.




More on the wiring later...

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Hello and welcome. There may be good news on the unleaded conversion. Many later pintos were unleaded. All the fuel injected ones for starters. What size is the engine? They should have a letter stamped on the head to manifold machined face in the position shown, just behind sparkplug 4. Below are pics of where to find it and the mark on my old pinto head.





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Hi Longboarder


Thanks for the info. Would the L be a clear L. I have what looks like an 'I'?


Looking through the Burton catalogue i think my engine was built in 87. This for me works as my donor was an E reg.


Its a 2 litre which is good. I have a 3.62 diff - this is what it said on the tag.




PS apologies for the dodgy spelling my auto correct is on form it would seem!

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Hi Maccavvy


i think i read somewhere that if you have twin webers - they often struggle to get the amount of flow from a mechanical fuel pump. Have you found this?



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Most people use electrical for more than one reason.

An e pump with regulator will give much smoother fuel flow and will be much more reliable.

Mechanical will work but will be flat out all the time and lead to premature failure. The valves usually give in first so take spare with you on long runs.

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I will jump forward today;


Been off this week and had intended taking the rest of the subframe out - the floor off and shot blast the chassis ahead of the rebuild. I have had most of my gang off this week with a bug of some sort so my plans have has to change. I have however, cleaned up and painted the gear box (pic to follow). Have cleaned up the drums and various small parts from the engine.


The chassis is looking like this (will i ever get it blasted!?)




I did make a start on the wiring - cutting out all the bits that aren't needed ahead of the trail fit for but down.




This clean up continues...

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Been a while since I last posted. I now have the chassis stripped (last week) and have a superficial covering of primer on as I need to weld some support for my seats and inner seatbelt mounting points. Along with strengthening the bracketing for the steering column and probably other bits. I would like to get bits back on the car soon...



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