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Balancing Kawasaki Zx9R Carbs


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running a zetec with ZX9R carbs and she is fine... but I can tell the carbs are not balanced correctly and the engine "hunts" a little.


I understand the theory of balancing them and have the tools, but I need someone to point at the vacuum connection points on the carbs for me ... any suggestions where I should be looking ?


They will be underneath, out of sight... and I wanted a heads-up before I pull them off and start looking myself.



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Looks like i'll take them off and look for them myself... cheers.


What are you looking for exactly?

There are no vacuum connections on the carbs, on the inlet manifold yes-potentially.


You want what Dan linked to, shove it in the carb trumpet with the engine running and finely adjust the carbs to match each other with the balance screws...

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