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I made a set from polyurethane in my last car. Very stif and you felt it vibrating in the cabin, I can’t tell you how great the driving experience tho. Best thing I ever did. Would not want them on a daily driver however. 

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Not a Winter mod as such and certainly not on the same scale as my normal projects. 

Knowing I get bored easily, @DeanRudkin asked me to trim these front arches for him so I've spent a couple of wet weekends on them, The vents in the back of the arches are molded closed and were trimmed out with a oscillating saw and a Dremmel. The cut edge of the fibreglass was then thinned out to look a bit more even. Finally the arch was given  a good flat over to remove the mold join lines and small skim of filler here and there.

Here's the final job, they just need priming, a wet flat and the top coats and they're done.

DSC_0423 (Medium).JPG

DSC_0425 (Medium).JPG

DSC_0426 (Medium).JPG

DSC_0424 (Medium).JPG

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1 hour ago, DeanRudkin said:

Looks awesome mate cheers 

Kept me out of trouble for a bit. I'll bring them to the next Leics meet if you're going. 

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