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viscous fan


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Personally I would get rid of the viscous fan and fit a good quality electric. I think most people do this, including me, and don't have issues. One reason I did this when mine stopped doing its job like yours, was I only run a 1.6 so every bhp counts! The engine has to drive that big fan round. 

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I'm running a 1.6 with the coolman radiator and an electric fan in front of the rad. (no viscous fan) and never had a problem with cooling. What is suprising is that i removed the plastic cowling from the fan and made a frame that the fan sits in instead so it looks a bit like it floating but doesn't seem to have effected the cooling in any way.

The only problem i get is that i put the thermo switch into the end of the thermostat housing so when i stop the residual heat from the engine sometimes turns it on. Never really caused an issue it just starts up as i walk away.

I also have a heater matrix/fan for the demister (orginal matrix from the sierra) so if it did come to it i could run that as well to lose heat in an emergency but haven't ever come close so far.


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The best way is the mount the fan behind the radiator, about 10mm from the radiator,  inside a shroud that covers all the fins & pulls the air through the radiator  & then forces the air through only the fan. However this all depends on how critical your cooling is, if there's plenty of capacity then it shouldn't make any difference.

@agent_zed If you don't want that to happen just wire it through a ignition only fuse rather than a constant live, but TBH it's a good thing to have the fan cut in once stopped to stop hot spots happening, I used to plumb in a electric water pump to keep the water moving for 5 minutes after switching off.

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22 minutes ago, phaeton said:

...TBH it's a good thing to have the fan cut in once stopped to stop hot spots happening....

Yeah that's what i figured so i've just left it, been like it since 2007 so unlikely to change it anytime soon :)

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