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Tracking & Camber

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Thanks for the info guys, one last question. I have tried booking the car in for tracking and camber measurements etc but they have told me that they usually type in the reg to get the correct measurements for the car. Are there any correct measurements for a kit car? ie what the tracking etc should be set too? I'd like to get this done before the meet next weekend.

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Parallel to 1 degree toe in. Don't know if you're getting 4 wheel alignment checked but I personally wouldn't bother. It's a kit car so something will be massively out of alignment between front and back.


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Don’t raise the rear to cure the geometry issue, it only adds another issues.

if you fit camber wedges and it does not cure the problem( or moves it to far the other way) you can remove them and have them skimmed.

it all gets a bit complicated but an old oval racer trick is to use washers to change the rear geometry 1 washer at a time until you have the Geo you want then you will have measurements that can be transposed on to a camber wedge.

The reason company’s that do 4 wheel alignment can’t realign the rear is that it is not adjustable.

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--------- Transposed to a camber wedge ------------ & run with bolts that are loaded at an angle -- BENT --- would rather wear the tyres to suit --- still get plus 25K before on limit.

What we did when banger racing was something else --- the intention was not to take the car back home so broken at the side of the track indicated a "GOOD DAY"

Each to their own -- Triumph Heralds seemed to manage. 

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Thanks guys  - all useful info. As this is just a fun car for me I don't worry too much about tyre wear, my main issue is that in the wet it is literally like driving on ice. The Camber seems a mile out. I am having it checked as a pre next Sat morning. Then coming to the EOSB to compare with other cars. I have ordered camber correctors so that I can try them and have the camber re-measured. Still not made a final decision what I am to do. 

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