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Windscreen cleaning/kept clear


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I never sorn my car because there are some great clear but cold days over winter.

But the risk of being caught in a shower is much higher, my wiper blades on the Zero are not great.

So just wondering can you recommend any windscreen treatment to aid the wipers.

Halfords latest newsletter is advertising Rain-x, does it work?

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I found Rain-X didn't work at all, not because it is a bad product (bikers use it on their visors) but because our screens are flat and, weirdly, you don't get the airflow to push the water off the screen.

Rain-X works by reducing the friction on the surface (I think) so the water slides off more easily. It works on curved surfaces where the moving air does the job but on flat screens, for some reason, that just doesn't happen (well, it doesn't for me).

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I've tried it on a couple of cars with little or no success - it might well work at higher speeds, as Dean says, but for normal driving round town etc. it didn't do anything for me.

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Never had a problem with Florin's wipers.  Are the wiper spindles at 90 degrees to the 'screen & are the blades pressing hard enough on the glass?

Although we have a heater & demister ducting warm air onto the 'screen our biggest problem in heavy rain is the continual misting of the inside surface; which is Mo's job to wipe clean as we go.

Don't know which brand of screenwash  we use but it does the job of much clearance

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