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Pinto fast road cam.


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Personally I would not trust a "GOOD" used cam,  They are not too expensive to buy.  I bought mine from Brands Hatch.  Fast road cam, follower and spray bar.  Delivered for £225



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I think you'll find that the BHP 30 camshaft in the eBay link is a high torque cam, not a fast road one.  It looks very similar spec. to the Kent FR30.

I had a look at BHP cams a year or 3 ago, mainly because of their pricing, but their figures didn't add up for the fast road cam I was considering.  When I contacted them they were going to send me a corrected datasheet but it never arrived and the published data never changed so I steered clear.  Having said that, I don't think they list that cam any more.  Anyway I eventually ended up with a Kent FR32.


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