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Bonnet cutting.


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Im looking for some advice guys.

My bonnet is hinged from the front, therefore nose cone, bonnet and windscreen lift up. It's annoying and wobbles around when i've got it proppped up. I'm interested in cutting the bonnet near the screen to make it lighter to lift. Later fitting windscreen wipers. Might need to move the mirrors too.

Anyway, is this the way they come when ordered originally? Who has cut theirs and with what. Pics, videos, schematics, doodles etc appreciated.

Cheers, Alvin.



50811006536_d5fc11b24f_b.jpg 58B2DF62-8423-4116-A9A6-70C28864FECA 7F320E4F-E8EF-4BC8-AAEF-ACA46EED477F


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When I cut mine I just marked the cut line on masking tape and cut it with a fine hacksaw blade. After separating the 2 halves of the bonnet, I used the blade in a frame to cut as much as I could and then finished it off with a blade with tape wrapped round the end.

You could cut it with a thin grinding disc but I don't think you'd have as much control of the shape of the cut. 

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Alvin,   Have you performed a search for topics that might help ?


This turned up in a search very quickly, it mentions previous posts on the subject which you should be able to find by searching.

Try searching for "2b bonnet conversion" (use All terms rather than Any) it turns up 42 threads. It looks like lots of people have discussed this mod before.

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I put some vents in mine. Once I was sure it was marked correctly I drilled a couple holes and started with a hacksaw blade. After a few minutes I got bored with that and got the angle grinder out with a 1mm disc on it. Fortunately I have a reasonably steady hand and it worked well. 


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