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Floor Pan and seat mounting


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Hi, Currently trying to finish a 2B that I started 7 years ago. 

I am at the point of fitting the side panels, however the floor pan seems to have a bent over tab as well as being about 10mm sicking out all along the tube that the bottom of the side panel fits too. 

I believe the tabs are cut off? and bent back flat ?  Is this cortrect?

Also I cant find anywhere that tells me if I should be banging the overhand upwards to warap it around the tube frame or leave it as it is so that the side panel follows it?

Also I have seen some information about additional supports under the car for the seats. I just have the floor pan to bolt through so there must be the need to add something there but what and does it need welding to the underside frame?


All help is much appreciated 

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I can't help with the panels as I bought mine already built, but I can tell you that mine has angle iron going across the width of the car that the seats are then bolted through.  I think it's about 2" angle and, although I can't remember exactly where, it's bolted to the chassis at the ends and in the centre through the tunnel area.  I'm sure folks on here will be able to give you some better info.


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With regards to the rear panel, I cant find anything to show me how to bend it. On the build video it seems smaller on the sides and he also seems to attach it from the outside as well as the inside so I think possibly the panel is bent back on itself. 


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May not be much help but here goes ---- on our 2B we cut the back panel ( one behind seats ) in half & fitted each side correctly ?? then riveted the overlap together.

The side panels ( 8 feet long ones ) are too big for the over-all space between top & bottom chassis rails --- we bowed the panel length wise to make the top & bottom return touch the chassis. Made a bowed bracket to suit, which also carries the front fixed to flexi brake line.

The rear panel for the very back of body work was bent by wrapping it around my MIG gas bottle as that was the best radius item I could find at the time, the top lip needs very careful thought ( at least a few teas/coffees ) as it needs to be shrunk to fit the chassis rails OR can be left standing & covered with the fibreglass "boot lid" supplied.

Above maybe useless --- Florin is probably a one off 2B

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5 hours ago, Jthorneuk said:

Thanks thats great, I do have this angle on the bottom but assumed the seats would need mounting in 4 bolts and not just the back holes. 


Florin has two 50 x 25 m/s channels welded between the round chassis tube ( under your knees & across  car ) & the rear join between floorpan & seat back panel, which also has a re-enforcing metal section across the car. 

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Thanks for the replies, it does help.

the main part I can’t understand at the moment nor find pictures or video of is the corners of the back panel have two round cutouts on them. I can’t work out what for it where to bend them.

In the build video it shows him talking about fixing this part to the tube on both sides so I think in some 

way it needs to be back on itself. 

they are in the top left and top right corners of the panel. They seem To be cut as if they go around a tube somehow 


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The ends of the panel outboards of the notches are rolled back on themselves 180 degrees. The panel is then pushed up again the chassis side tube so the tube goes in the notched bit and the rolled back ends are inside the chassis tube.

Across the bottom of the panel, the 3 tabs either side of and in between the 2 notches, are folded 90 degrees forwards. This stiffens the panel and the notches go around the vertical chassis tubes that form the spare wheel hoop. The whole panel will then sit lower on the car.

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Hi James, in case you havent got the laughable videos, one of our members, Ivan, took the time to upload them to youtube, the first one is here


You can follow the others from it. Somewhere there is an index, but I cant find it.

Your red line is correct at the top, but your red line and the return should stay parallel to the side of the panel. I used a length of scaffold pole, clamped the edge to it and rolled it round the pole right back on itself. The bigger curve can be bent by hand carefully. The side panels can easily be bent wrongly resulting in an ugly crescent shaped dimple. The key seems to be to pack out the bottom and/or top of the panel above or below the chassis rails so it is stretched exactly flat from bottom to top. If it is allowed to bow, it will distort when you try to bend the top inwards. More info  here..especially under build tips.




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Bob above is not wrong, but we have Florin's side panels with a top/bottom curve -- achieved with lots of sash clamps & additional shaped metal/rubber support behind.  As said Florin is a one off as I didn't like the idea of flat slab like sides so drank tea & thought lots before fixing them with a crescent. 

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