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Cafeine & Machine 7th September 2021


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A very good day everyone.

All being well I intend to spend the Saturday at Stoneleigh ... I hope there will be room form us all in the area allocated, looks much smaller than the space we have taken up in the past.

In the meantime I have a question about Caffeine & Machine at Ettington. I have never been there and have only recently seen adverts for the venue. Is it somewhere worth a visit and if so, when is the best or worst time to take a trip out there? It is the unticketed times that currently appeal most! Therefore a Monday to Friday am/pm not evening.

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Hi Alan,

They've been going for a few years now.  I was hoping to get down there for a nosey round a couple of years ago but things happened and I never got there.  Then Covid came round and I still didn't get there! 

I'm told it's well worth a visit and I'm still planning on getting there ............... one day! 


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9 hours ago, alanh65 said:

Once the better, glorious weather 🌡️ returns I'll give you a shout and we'll try to arrange a day to take a trip out there and meet up.

Hi Alan, looks like it could be a good while before we get there then ??!!

When the summer comes back I'm definitely up for a trip there and weekdays are good for me.

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C&M can get busy on the weekends particularly if the weather is good. At the moment the process is tickets needed for weekends and monday/wed/fri evening slots but this has changed over the years given COVID/etc so, best thing for me to do is say, check their website :


Tickets are for a car, not per person.

You do get some interesting stuff there, for sure.

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Thanks Dan.

I’ll check their website again nearer the time I make plans to take a trip out there. Having never visited the venue I would prefer to drive over to experience the place and try (an expensive?) coffee and see what they have to offer, rather than pay for a possible interesting experience as my first trip there.

I am taking a gamble, as undoubtedly on the occasion I do drive out there there will be very limited vehicles attending as people will be at work!

But once familiar with its location and set up and programme for the paid evening and weekends diary, I can then consider whether to pay to share the experience with other interesting vehicle owners.

It is really useful though reading your view on the location ... thank you.

Just discovered my wife has already booked an event that clashes with the Stoneleigh weekend!!!!! Not feeling happy at the moment.

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Yeah. they're not cheap (but where is these days, in all fairness?!).... popping down in the week during the daytime should be easy enough. Worst case, if you go a weekend and can't get in, there's a great café at Wellesbourne airfield which isn't far away and is a good backup plan ;)

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The weather forecasts implies that summer is ending this coming Thursday morning ... ugh! Before my kit hides from the 🌧️ under it's plastic ill-fitting 'pac a mac' (remember those?) I am considering a run out to the Caffeine & Machine at Ettington on Tuesday next. To my surprise, my dear beloved, who dislikes hoodie, has offered to join me on what promises to be a late summer's day!! Sensible driving then ... Oh well, you can't have everything! Any one fancy a ☕ over there if I succeed with this plan?

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FOZ and I plan to visit Caffeine & Machine at Ettington, Stratford-upon-Avon, Tuesday 7th for about 1pm.

Many of you will only just have returned from the End of Season Bash ... sorry was unable to make that ... so may not be available for another run out - plus, I realise, you are not all retired!!

If available and fancy a run out on probably the last beautiful sunny, hot day for a while, this is the venue:

co-ordinates  52.150105 -1.630045

post code CV37 7NS

As I have stated, I was unavailable for this last weekend's 'Do' but I would still like to offer my appreciation for all the organisation, time and effort put in by all who organised and ran the event - the club is run by truly amazing people ... thank you all.

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