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Knocking sound on refurbished (only 20 miles) pinto engine.


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Hi all. 

Got my engine back and installed in March this year. Had some ignition teething issues ive now sorted. Mot passed and first few Miles its been perfect. 

Now for 5 mins im hearing a dull knocking sound somewhere in the engine. Cant pinpoint it ive went round all nuts n bolts i can looking for something loose.  The noise fades once warmed up whilst idling but i can hear it when im out driving. 

Im reluctant to drive it more in fear of doing serious damage. Is there a common (bedding in) period for a rebuilt engine thats common? Im limited in my knowledge therefor reluctant to start breaking open the engine and new seals.

Any info would be appreciated.  



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A good way to identify where any noise is coming from is to use a mechanics stethoscope. Or a big screwdriver.

Is it rhythmic? Is it in time with engine revs, or at half that rate (which points to a cam problem). How's the oil pressure?

Try & post up a video of it running.

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Hard to tell listening to my iPad but did you rebuild the engine ~if so was the oil pump drive refitted in the bottom of the dizzy ~although without it it would have seized by now. What oil are you running. 

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Sounds like top end to me. I'd be pulling off the rocker cover, checking valve clearances and look for loose / missing springs on the rocker arms. Do what Bob suggested, get a big long screwdriver on the top of the rocket cover and your ear on the end of the screwdriver. You should be able to pinpoint the location of the noise - just watch out for rotating parts and HT leads.

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I hope I'm wrong, but that sounds like big ends to me. Especially as it is worse at startup, before oil pressure builds up. then gradually fades, but reappears when you rev it slightly.

Beg borrow or steal an oil pressure gauge before you run it any more.

Send a copy of the video to West Coast motors too for their opinion.

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