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Sierra Drum wheel cylinders


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Evening all unfortunately the kit failed it’s mot on Friday one of which was the brakes. It has been laid up for 18months mind


been over them all today cleaning all sliding pins etc and when I pulled a rear drum off one of the cylinders has started to weep so that won’t be helping. Now what part do I need as some are 20.6mm bore and others are 22mm


im running standard Sierra upfront and don’t have a servo just the Ford ka master. 

thanks all. 

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I replaced both seized rear cylinders on the Sierra drums on my Superspec a couple of years ago. Without even knowing any specs my local motor parts supplier provided them off the shelf. Apec BCY1210 labelled to fit Ford Consul, Cortina, Escort, Focus, Granada, Orion, Sierra & LR Freelander. They don’t mention a size but I believe they are 20.6 mm bore. 

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I originally had 20.6mm bore cylinders on the back of my 2B (from the Sierra).  When one of them started weeping I replaced them both with 22mm.  Theoretically it should give slightly more pressure to the rear brakes but really it didn't make a great deal of difference and the fronts always lock first if I stand on the pedal.

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Thanks to all that replied. 

just an update I ordered the 20.6 and all good thank you. 

I changed both the rear cylinders at the same time last night took less than 30 mins for both then bled the system so back up and running again. 

just need to get the CO emissions down and it’s will pass it’s retest 🤞

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