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Corby Glen Sheep Fair Sunday 8 October


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As is customary at this time of the year as the season closes down, we are invited to display our cars at the Corby Glen Sheep Fair (https://sheepfair.co.uk/.  Post Code: NG33 4NW

This is a classic small village fair, with food stalls, craft stalls, dog show, fun fair, morris dancing and classic cars.   We have been displaying our cars here for 10 years (ever since I moved into the next village 😀) and will do it again this year.   For a small village show it often attracts well over 50 cars of all shapes and sizes so it is well worth attending.   In particular it is unusual as it is free and you can arrive/leave whenever you like.

I'll post more details nearer the day, so put it in your diary.

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Hi Al,

I have a pass out whoopee !  .........................   but I've also got a leaking radiator !!!!!!!!!!!!

I chucked some radweld in which improved things but it still keeps dripping, I reckon it's time for a new radiator.  I won't have chance to replace it before next weekend so I'll keep an eye on it this week and let you know if I think it will make it.


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Good.   I will probably park up around 0900 as I have only a mile to drive.   I tend to go into the field where I indicated and drive up to the road (A151) and park there. I will try and reserve a few slots, but this can be difficult.   Last year we all moved further up the road towards Bourne to stay together.  We'll see what happens.

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Lovely day out.  Weather just about perfect so we all had nice drives (1.3 miles in my case😀).  The fair was very busy and I reckon there were over 70 cars that came, they even had to open an overflow field.   So put it into your diary for next year.

Big thanks to Steve, Jim, Nigel & Helen for supporting it.








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I would just like to thank everyone for being so welcoming friendly and supportive, I am sure there are many members like I was until today thinking they might attend a show but not sure what to expect or thinking will I fit in am I out my depth etc… all I will say is take the plunge and show up no matter what car or what experience you have you are made welcome ! Genuine nice people absolute pleasure to spend a day with 5 hours felt like a few minutes and the drive was absolutely stunning. Again many thanks look forward to the next one 🙏

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