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  1. Hi All, Having a bit of a mare stripping down my spare Sierra 7" diff. Having already removed the flange nut and flange from the pinion shaft I am having bother in removing the pinion shaft nut. can anyone tell me whether the nut is a right hand or a left hand thread before I get the big guns on the job? I have managed to move the nut by 1 cm as if it is a right hand threaded nut turning it anti clockwise to move it. I have referred to the Ford maintenance notes which say to remove the pinion nut, the nut must be locked into place with their holding tool which I do not have. Once locked the manual says to turn the pinion anti-clockwise lending it to be a right hand thread. I am a little confused by this but if anyone can shed any light, I would be most grateful. thanks in advance Craig
  2. wowblaauw

    viscous fan

    Here you go pal, one on ebay eBay listing number: 124265756054 Cheers Craig
  3. I found the bottom half and now onto finding the top half
  4. Ni Nick, I am pretty sure I have a complete cowling as I put all my switch gear on the dash. I'll have a look later on and will email results and images to you. Not sure on value yet, but will give this some thought. Cheers Craig
  5. I have a spare era sump from Tiger.
  6. wowblaauw


    I have a pair of light weight narrow buckets which might suit although I’m 90 miles away in South Yorkshire. I’m looking for £75 each Ono. Thanks Craig
  7. I actually think I might be able to help out - I do have a full Sierra 2.0 dash hitch was from a 2b build a while ago. I’ll have a route around tomorrow to see if I can get an image over. thanks, Craig
  8. wowblaauw

    parts for 2b

    And I have headlights in black if you’re still wanting them. Cheers Craig
  9. Hi Neilo, PM sent pal. Cheers Craig
  10. Pretty sure I have one - I’ll check and let you know cheers, Craig
  11. Hi, I have some very light weight grip bucket seats with flared shoulders. Pm me your email address and I’ll email you some images. Cheers Craig
  12. wowblaauw

    parts for 2b

    I've got a black grill from a 2B in the garage
  13. Hi, I might be able to help out. I have a few spares from old exhaust cans. PM me and i'll provide images and pricing. Cheers, Craig
  14. Cool and thanks, I’ll give it a look. Cheers, Craig
  15. That’s great and thanks, I’ll pass this on. Craig
  16. Hi All, A friend of mine is building a super spec with a duratec engine from a mondeo. His latest issue which I am sure is not insurmountable is ground clearance which he says is 2inches from sump to ground. Is there a way around this as a shortened sump is not part of his plans. Any help with this will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance Craig
  17. All, was just going through some old posts and realised I never got round to updating this issue and of course thanking everyone for their input. Thank you very much, it helped me get to the real issue - a new fuel filter. As soon as I replaced the filter it sorted the misfire under load. fantastic resource Cheers Craig
  18. Hi Richy, wow, sent by super mail, arrived today, thank you. Happy New Year Craig
  19. Thanks Richy, just some bedtime reading for the next project. Craig
  20. Hi, am interested in the anembo solid diff mount. Is this used? thanks Craig
  21. Hi, can I put my name to a set of 4 plugs, and indicators 3 & 4 please. Thanks, Craig
  22. Just to let you know, the item number does not work
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