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  1. Mine was initialy built without the hood being fitted and i had to move the screen back quite a lot to get it to fit properly and with the screen supports looking nice and square, spare holes filled and scuttle had to be repainted etc, damn inconvienance to say the least. Mike
  2. Longest bar to the front as it leans forward , short bar almost straight up in front of the roll bar. Bar brackets need to be fitted so that the bars can fold back to be stowed , thats if you want them to, mine dont as i boobed when i did my brackets due to not fitting them outboard enough plus my roll bar is padded thus making it even harder to get round, so i just leave the front one at home, the rear bar is then strapped to the roll bar to stow it. A possible good mod would be to use an early Sprite or MG roof bars as they are spring loaded to adjust the hood tension and only need one socket to fit into, plus they split in the centre for stowing. Mike
  3. I totally agree with you Peter , as it was very shabby on the BBC's part and very noticable too, Mark Webber certainly deserved better than that for he did win the race afterall, Having said that it was a great acheivement on the part of Ross Brawn , the team and a well driven year by Jenson and Rubins also. But unfortunatly all the 3 events happened on the same day. Mike
  4. These are thought to be good bonnet catches. They also come in locking catch too. Mike
  5. Nice one Graham , you certainly wont be getting cold this winter with all that work ahead of you , roll on next spring eh. Mike
  6. miikae


    Nigel the info on the Odyssey 545 is very useful and the spec is very impressive , i was earlier today only wondering what battery they use on the big bikes of around 2.0 ltr or so, as they may well be useful . Mike
  7. miikae


    Tim's solution is a sound one as in the front of the passenger footwell there is loads of wasted space , you have only got to sit in the passenger seat to realise that, i certainly can't reach the bulkhead and it would make a good foot rest too brace ones self. Mike
  8. It's looking good from here , but some local eyes will put you right nodoubt on any finer points before your IVA. Mike
  9. miikae


    Fit battery in the boot Mike
  10. Now that really looks good fun, if only i could remember where i left my keys Mike
  11. Pleased to have got it sorted now, so now the play begins eh Mike
  12. Just spotted this possible donor on ebay NTDWM i might add. Drive it away. Linky Mike
  13. Did those Lobsters make you smile as much as your drive there did? Mike
  14. I've got a 3.38 but i foolishly gave away a perfectly good V8 i took out of my P6 3500 damn damn thrice damn. Mike
  15. Have you tried these people Steve IS&G Steel Stockholders Ltd Steel Stockholders Tel: 01277 500589| Templewood, Stock Road, West Hanningfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8LL There web site is still under construction http://www.isg-steel.co.uk/ Mike
  16. Hi Charlie , if you change to a thicker angle it should not cause you too much trouble as you will be able to drill the front new angle to fit the original bolt holes and so giving you more room for the spacer washers by moving the angle holes a few mm back. Just note the measurements from the Mono to the edge of the pivot tubes so as to keep your suspension settings the same and adjust as necessary with washers. Mike
  17. miikae

    Tank Foam

    Its possibly this stuff then Is it one large piece or lots of small pieces as above , if small pieces you should be able to pull them out one by one if you are lucky. Mike
  18. Europa have been selling complete sets of gauges, comprising of electronic speedo, Rev counter, temp fuel etc on ebay over the last week or so. Mike
  19. A few moons ago i worked in a fabrication business which my uncle owned and next door was our metal store a Steel Stockholder HGD, they used to send customers who wanted small amouts to us, if we hadnt got it in stock we just popped next door grabbed a length and sold it to them whatever length the customer wanted. Any local fab shop should be able to supply you with whatever you required. Mike
  20. miikae


    Hi Rob , i think that you mean can end trim, you could try splitting come small bore thin walled stainless tube and tapping it on before adding coupe of welding tacks to satisfy the IVA man. Mike
  21. As per the book 1.8 and 2.0 litre Hatchbacks and Saloon, and all Estate models 228.6 mm (9.0 inches) dia internal drum dimensions. HTH Mike
  22. Our local scrappie does industrial metal waste and he has loads of good stuff from mild steel to stainless and ally , a few cars too and all is very resonable too. Mike
  23. miikae

    Tank Foam

    I wonder what type of sender you have fitted as if the tank is filled with foam it should be a tube type sender , if its not and a float type then it never would have worked. What foam is in there? Mike
  24. Check your main earth battery to chassis . chassis to engine etc as your clutch cable maybe acting as an earth path for some reason, a possible broken/dirty connection of the chassis to engine strap. I assume that all your other lights are ok and not dimming also, if so this could be down to a loose fan belt or even an iffy alternator and or battery etc. when revs drop on de-clutching, HTH Mike
  25. Hi Charlie, what size is your angle iron as fitted and exactly where is it bent as i cant see from you picture. My Mk1 front angle is 2"x2 1/2" rear 2"x2" both 830 mm long and 5mm thick, no problems with bending as yet. This has also been re-inforced on the rear mounting hole to the Mono chassis with thick plates to spread the load. Mike
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