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  1. Have a look Here as they do most items you may need. Mike
  2. I have used three ebay sellers over the last few years, boltmeup, teknikr6, inox47, as all three give good price and quality , what one doesnt have the others will. Mike
  3. I did mine online in May and it cost more than going to the post office as i checked the wrong box re card accounts and got charged £5 or £10 extra a total of £190. Mike
  4. Hi Phil, You have 3 pipes coming off te M/C the 2 unions that are together are for the front brakes and the one on its own is for the rear brakes HTH. Mike
  5. Sorry to hear you have some bits missing, but its better to find out now before you pull our hair out Mike
  6. miikae

    Building At Last!

    Hello Chris, and Welcome to the mine of information albiet a wee bit late for you by all accounts. Mike
  7. Hi Steve , i just found this info relating to the carb you mentioned, hope it helps Linky Mike
  8. Many thanks for that Mat , all is ok now as above link works and yahoo Wiki tooooooooooo You are a STAR Mike
  9. Same problem Same message (Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. ) also when trying to view any of the Wiki info. It has been like this for a long time now. Mike
  10. Have a look at These AeroCatches Mike
  11. Burtons sell both the above items on Ebay under the name compertitionfordparts and are slightly cheaper , they use 2 other names on there too. Mike
  12. Burtons do a sender for a type 9 Mike
  13. The best way would be to lay them together and then bind them with 5amp fuse wire as this will give you a good mechanical joint before soldering , HTH Slide a piece of heat shrink sleeving over the joint when you have done. Mike
  14. Hello Chris and welcome to the home of the Hoodies. My rad is in the original position and since i fitted vents in the bonnet i have had no problems with over heating , the engine bay needs to breath and without vents the hot air has hardly anywhere to go. Mike
  15. miikae

    Radio Problem

    I have an old CDX 4100 and the LCD display was not too clever so i searched ebay for a replacement which i eventualy obtained for a few quid, it may be worth seeing if you can try another front panel on it before anything else. Mike
  16. miikae

    Very Firm Pedal

    If you have Goodridge Stainless braided flexy hoses fitted the brake pedal will feel very solid on application as there is no give in these hoses unlike the standard Sierra hoses. Mike
  17. miikae

    Radio Problem

    It may be worth checking and cleaning the contacts on the back of the front removable panel. Mike
  18. That sounds good Jess. Mike
  19. Your local bearing supplier should be able to order them for you, plus they can be found on line too if you google the numbers. Here they are Mike
  20. Hi Steve , the bearing you want is 1off SB205 and its housing 2 off PFL 205, that should sort you out. Mike
  21. Just a thought try looking for a Mil spec feedthrough connectors as i am sure i have used them in the long distant past days of working on Flight Data Computers for Marconi, you have got me thinking now so i will have a search to see what i can find but may well not be upto a high enough current rateing for car use. Mike
  22. The engine block is usualy earthed via a large strap to the body as the starter motor needs this for its earth /Neg. Plus block mounted sensors need an earth too. The Alternator does earth through its body. Mike
  23. I did have a pair of Piper Cross foam filters fitted but i found that they where far too restrictive and getting sucked in after i had tuned and balanced the carbs, plus screwing the mixture up, so now i am looking into something better. Something with a larger surface area, may even try a stainless mesh fitted to the trumpets to prevent the foam getting sucked in , but its still work in progress as i am waiting for the various types/sizes of mesh to arrive and to see if i can dome the mesh satisfactory enough to do as i intend. There is a pic of the Piper Cross foam filter fitted in one of my garage pics. Mike
  24. Something like these maybe Mike
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