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  1. Yes please for me and one passenger. Always a fantastic show with lots of clubs, stalls, arena events. Not forgetting burgers, cakes and slushies
  2. Part of a cold start system you don’t need
  3. One entry for Paul and Thomas please. Best one day car show not to be missed
  4. One ticket for Paul and Thomas please. Great day out.
  5. Just bought tickets online. Got early bird plus £4 booking fee. No option for displaying on club stand. So still need a club pass.
  6. Do we buy our own tickets then? And Keith will be sent club passes? Club assignment can’t be edited when tickets ordered. Or does the club order/buy tickets in bulk? Sorry to be a pain but two tickets go up by £9 after midnight tonight.
  7. My weekend off work so count us in, Paul and Thomas. Looked at booking two tickets with camping tonight to get early bird ticket price. The rules say if tickets aren’t booked on the linked club booking form (submit by 4th June) you will be directed to the public car park on arrival. Looks like they are sending out club passes in bulk to the club organiser.
  8. Yes please 1 car for Paul and Thomas. Last years show was fantastic.
  9. Emissions are exempt if your car is an armoured vehicle. Big cardboard box and broom handle for gun barrel
  10. Have you balanced the carbs with vacuum gauges ?
  11. Spot of sealant on the wedges. But I always get a wet corner on the rocker cork
  12. Stack up so me spacer blocks on top of the tyre (trial fit mudgaurd) to get the clearance you won't from the side profile. Then get bending with a good length of 2 * 1 (for leverage) between the tyre and wing stay. Keep moving the wood to develop a curve or angle as required untill the bracket touches the spacer block you stuck to the tyre. If the stays are too long trim them after bending so the wing sits flat to the bracket. Remember you can twist the flat bar as well wich helps a lot with final fitting. The old adage of the second attempt looks better doesn't apply, just make both sides look the same and it was meant to be. Ps. Try to keep the weld between the flat bar and tube straight, as this is the week point that will always braek first.
  13. First time at Kimbolton, both had a brilliant day out. Huge car show, excellent location, fantastic weather. Left my polish at home on principle, wore my bird muck all day (parked next to Kevin the chicken so looked quite presentable). Thomas went for ride in Noble m12 gto, apparently it's quicker than a pinto. Turned into street back home and a front cycle wing braket sheared off, pulled onto drive with mudguard resting on tyre!!
  14. 363 for Paul and Thomas
  15. yes please, looks a brilliant day out
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