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  1. RWD = rear wheel drive, they tend to shortened to give more ground clearance. I will have a ATR sump for blacktop for sale soon.

    I got a kit off eBay for engine mounts, tacked them myself in situ and asked friend to do a proper job.

    You do not need a water, it looks cleaner and you easily fit temperature and fan switch. Some have used original thermostat housing and pipe (hoover tube).


  2. On 3/26/2021 at 7:35 PM, tractor said:

    blimey your a bit hard on them terms and conditions Mark 

    Burnt once, never again. There are a handful of people I would trust but have known them for 10 years. Oh and I know where they live so I can send a few of the lads around.😉

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  3. I have both in not so sunny Telford, which might be to far.

    My terms are favourable, to club members £100 cash deposit in UK sterling none of that funny Scottish stuff from up North. Non-members and newbies £200 cash deposit. Cash deposit returned when I get the engine stand and crane back in good working order. That's for 3 months, anything longer you lose £10 of your deposit every month. Which I think is a bargain.

  4. It's not the cheapest hobby, but then at 20 mpg who cares....😉

    Sorning the car for half the year might help. I have only done this once in the 7 years I've owned the car but that was down to an operation.

  5. 1 hour ago, blue said:

    Hi Mark are you running standard Sierra master cylinder?? 

    If so have you got the brake lines in the correct way from M/c. 
    I have 2 zeros both using your setup and the brakes are phenomenal.  
    both EASY pass the mot with the handbrake locking out the wheels on only 2 clicks of the handbrake 

    Everything sorted, the auto adjuster were seized all cleaned and greased.

  6. 36 minutes ago, marlin said:

    To standardize, from the drivers seat right side is always right no matter where the steering wheel is or what side of the road you drive on. Likewise left is left from the drivers point of view. Worldwide standard. Done. 

    So true, in the forces we worked on right-hand drive and left-hand drive vehicles so always used driver or passenger side. With the exception of Ferret vehicle one driving position in the centre!

  7. Loads of useful information already on the forum but any questions will be answered. 

    From a photo perspective take some close ups and then ask a friend to take a picture of you with a spanner, under the car with greasing hands.

    The only photos they checked from my submission was the seat belt mounts, fuel tank mounts and engine number.

  8. Rich don't wait 2 years, it took me 3 to build because everything else in my life came first. Kids, work, MSc, fostering, house move and poor health.

    My advice, although I really love my car and know every nut and bolt on first name term. I would buy a roadworthy registered kit them modify to my style.

    But it really is your choice, this forum will support you.

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