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  1. Steve, GBS kitspare sell these linky but you could make your own and most builders then use steering gaitors to cover them. Don't look too bad but everyone takes them off after IVA.
  2. Steve, I beleive some test centres measure the 400mm from the side as the widest part of the car i.e. the rear wheel arch therefore you ned to fit the spacers. Regards Mark
  3. At last a weekend free to get into the garage

  4. MarkBzero

    She Passed!

    Brilliant well done.
  5. I know all the technology and they stil get it horribly wrong. What's even worst is when two channels give different forecast for the same area what's all that about?
  6. Good quality and sounds good, ear plugs have to be cheaper than a new exhaust!
  7. If the car is road legal next time you breakdown call the AA/RAC they will pin point the drain for you.
  8. The service from the website has definately improved over time and the stock levels are increasing to prevent any delays. It wasn't that long ago we discussed launching the site when not completely ready. So far I have only had good results from Kit Spares and the paypal option is great as the wifey doesn't see the bills.......
  9. The basics will be the same and length not a problem, so your main issues will be the engine loom but sounds like you are confident go for it! I have just fittted old sierra loom to a zero took alot of time, extending, shortening and cutting a lot of stuff I didn't need out but everything is working OK. But then I enjoy the build not after any world records just fun. Regards Mark
  10. Jamie, I normally send the photo via email and you get an option to reduce the size before attaching. Then I save the photo to my normal folder to upload. Hope this works. Regards Mark
  11. Jit, I beleive anybody can build a kit car with enough time and money. Take your time if you are struggling ask or invite a willing volunteer from this forum round, bacon butties, tea and biscuits normally works and they will help. Really worthwhile. Regards Mark
  12. Great news I missed the last one although some pics are in June's Complete kit car mag.
  13. A group of these devices could lift your car up, save fuel, save tyre wear and prevent someone from stealing your car.
  14. Customer is king! Excelent service from piper.
  15. Nick, Great comment.... that will dissolve some of the tension, made me laugh
  16. Guys I'll be happy with 100 BHP, built for crusing not speed, fast acceleration. No convouys for me you lot would leave me standing. Poor xflow.....
  17. MarkBzero


    Hammy, All valid points and respect for stating your opinions on this forum, we are all entitled to freedom of speech. I'll share your flack and say there are a hard core group of people that will not hear a bad thing about GBS for their own reasons. But its no different to a holiday, car insurance or eating in a restaurant if you are not happy with the service then you complain, if you don't get a positive result then you go onto various feedback internet sites or word of mouth and beat them up. Its not personel its life and that can be the difference between a business success and failure as Dan stated 'customer is king'. That said i am enjoying the build and would reccommend GBS and the zero, I also intend to stay a member of Rhocar for sharing knowledge, being with like minded people and build on the friendships that are already made. This a great forum and i like the honesty and feedback.
  18. MarkBzero


    Hammy, Always find them helpful if you get te right person on the phone. Occasionally I have waited too long for some parts to be delivered, better since the website is up and running. If you get no success ask for the boss or post your query on here. We have to remember unlike some of the other car manufacturers they have not got the large supporting admin team in the background hence why the kits are reasonably priced. On a positive note they must be busy.
  19. Tony, Good video clips and supporting music. Can't see what the fuss was all about.
  20. MarkBzero

    New Pics!

    Looks good I need to get some of my photo's on a website or photobucket. Keep them coming. Mark
  21. MarkBzero

    Iva Time!

    Best of luck I'm dreading the day....
  22. Excellent news - well done. Regards Mark
  23. This is how i fitted them, I did not use an any brackets between chassis and mounting point becuase the stainless is strounger than the ali and the panel is bonded to the chassis. When you attache the hose to the brake caliper make sure it bends backwards (away from shocks)to the rear of the car or it will rub against the suspension on full lock. Hope this helps.
  24. I am using stainless steel and the overlap is ugly, will need to glue some form of rubber or chrome trim to tidy it up. It did go on easier than I thought it would. Regards Mark
  25. Good site for catches. Cheers
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