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Guest The Modfather

I can see the Morgan Aero 8 and the Plymouth Prowler up front and the PT Cruiser out the back. It looks like they have taken other bits from several sports cars and welded them together. Does anyone else see different makes?

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Guest The Modfather

Can you imagine saying to some sort down the local discotheque "Yeah baby, I have a Donkervoort", she'l thump you quicker than you can spell it, or it'l be Stigs sister and she'l give you an evening to remember, driving it fast that is :acute:

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I would like to see one in the flesh.


edit: whoops wrong quote ment to quote

nice.... how much tho???
as that makes more sense to the answer i gave


iam afraid i like it very much BUT i don't think i'll be spending the £60,000+ on it. and no i didn't put too many 0's!


They use Audi engines. Imho they have some nice details although it does crack me up that they use the same mountney steering wheels that we use on our RH's! you'd think for £60k they could put on a steering wheel that cost more than £50.

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flippin ek they are expensive enough at £60k. 115k euros is crazy. Think i saw a second hand one on their site a couple of years ago for 60k, guess they've gone up with inflation :)


could have a decent different colour zero for each day for that money!

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