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Can You Help Danielle With Her Dissertation Please


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Hello I am in third year and doing my dissertation on Disney Princesses (and relationships - you don't have to be a fan just to know of some things or internet access to google)


I would really appreciate it if you could fill in this questionnaire which is no longer than 10 minutes




Thank you so much

Danielle x

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But not trying to be rude - you have one spelling mistake on the form "princess and the forg"???


Also it would be better, if you it wasn't so black & white/yes & no for the answers.

An extra option of both, as life if not quite so straight cut.

But this might be the reasoning for the questionnaire and none of my business. :)

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A few friends of mine play characters at Disney land Paris ( princess jasmine, mini mouse, sleeping beauty ) to name a few. I'll send the link over to them if she'd like? Could possibly put her in contact if it'd give her a different angle.

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