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La Vie En Bleu 2015


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Prices for us at this years French meet.

Admission ticket for 1 day -- £10 per person -- either Saturday or Sunday.

-------------------------w/end --£17.50 "

Camping is £5 per person per night.

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Big thanks to Bob and Mo for yesterday at Prescott. Thanks for the hospitality, shelter and tea!


Awesome day out, and the weather was good too, with just a shower mid morning.


Thanks to Adrian for setting the pace on the drive down and back. A whole tank of petrol and i ran out 200 yards from my front door! Thats 85 miles round trip, a fuel consuption of 14.5 miles per gallon! ( https://youtu.be/HVJqgOm9HaE )


Few pictures of the sorts of cars running up the hill. ( http://s852.photobucket.com/user/smineham/library/Prescott%20May%202015 )

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Thank you again Bob and Mo nice cups of tea and coffee great weekend and weather was great too thanks to Dave for ordering the sun this year. Mo the tent is a credit to you and your assistant Bob a good solid useful structure.

Steve what will your fuel consumption be when you get your new high flow fuel pump as recommended by the rolling road tech.

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