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Parts From One Manufacturer That Fit A Different Manufacturers Cars


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Hi all

I'm in the process of doing the wiring on my 2B when I noticed that my hazard warning light switch cover was missing (sierra square one on the column ), had a look on the internet no luck there.

So decided to have a look around my mates field (he's a bit of a scrap dealer and always has a few ka's and fiesta's about) no luck as no doubt a lot of you know their round, then I spotted an old austin maestro and the cover is square and it fits ! !! Not that there's many of those around either.

Anyone else know of any other bit's like this.

Could be a very useful list

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Morris marina alternator fits 101 forward control land rover. When I was re building mine after the army had robbed all the spares they had needed from it and cast it I would go to the unipart counter armed with my land rover part number. There were a couple of really helpful chaps on the counter who would quite happily search them out for me. Many of the parts came from the BL rover group parts bin which is not surprising but they were about a quarter of the price, coming in a unipart box instead of a land rover one. Any parts not available from there I would try to find second hand if I could as the prices charged to the army by land rover were astronomical.

The ones that spring to mind were a rotor arm which was ten pounds but came in a pack of fifty which they wouldn't split and a 24v alternator which was 3500 odd quid! This was is in the early nineties so god knows what they would be now. Got a second hand one recently for 65 pounds. Oh and spark plugs were about fifteen pounds each then unless you knew where to look, I still have a big box picked up from an auto jumble for 50p each.

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from distant memory i think it was the austin princess that had big brake calipers and was a cheap upgrade on the ford hubs. Again probably not that useful these days as finding either car is pretty hard.


It's worth just remembering who owns who as well so


Ford owns Jag (hence the x-type having a lot of mondeo parts), mazda also (owned by ford?)

BMW owned Land rover and mini


The french cars all seem to share bits and pieces. The C1, Aygo and peugeot all all the same car just different badges.


The VAG group has a lot of common parts.



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With enough thought & imagination -- EVERY THING fits -- Florin has part of double glazed window frame supporting boot floor -- mud-flaps should be part of a pond liner -- trailer mudguards ( after a lot of re-rolling) are her close fitting guards -- glove box liner from an industrial hoover.

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