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Glue On Stainless Panel


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Evening all. Unfortunately on my kit my bonnet must have an older protective layer and is white with the blue stripes but when peeling off has left a horrible glue residue all my other panels have a black backing on the underside of the white protective cover and comes off perfectly. Pics below.


Thanks in advance mike.



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Ive used this stuff before successfully, but not on the ss plastic cover....you can get it from several places.


Also try warming the plastic covering before peeling it off.....use your own hair dryer, not the wife's.

DO NOT use a heat gun.

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Hmm ... don't these stainless panels have a very thin plastic coating on them IIRC? Just wondering if an aggressive solvent could strip this away? Just remembering threads where people have tried to polish the panels and ruined them because of the coating? I would suggest trying the hot air path first and a more gentle cleaner first such as meths.

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