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Is It Hard To Build A Robin Hood

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I bought a basically non started Robin Hood S3, didnt know what I had bought and wasnt sure how to build it.

Cost is always an issue but for me time taken to build diluted the the pain.

Ill be brutally honest now the challenge of building the S3 was immense for a novice and the 2b is now very old, I would consider a part built Zero or even buying the starter kit.

A Haynes is just as hard (or easy) to build as a Robin Hood the cost are similar unless you stick strictly to the Locost ethos and none of us do that.


The essence of a kit car is chassis, suspension, body and donor the test is personal choice.


Just to end my long winded reply I have started another kit car journey with a registered but deeply troubled Fisher Fury, financially this is not going to end well as I have already bought a Le Mans bonnet and a 2.0L Duratec

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Nothing you'll encounter building a 2B is that difficult. The hardest part is having the determination to stick with the build through to the need - something many people don't manage which is why so many end up as unfinished projects. I bought my 2B as an unfinished (about 15% started) project and spent about the same building it as you'd pay for a well built finished example.


If you're determined enough to complete the build, you probably won't stop there and will continue with further modifications.However, unless you're 100% determined to build your own car (especially a 2B), I'd recommend getting something that's already registered and go from there.

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Easy is difficult to define. Prior experience can make things easier. I have taken things apart and mostly put things back together for as long as i can remember and when i came to building my 2b that helped me a lot but i had to also learn a load more. That was the fun for me. I still have my car which has been on the road for 10yrs and i am now looking at re-doing quite a lot of it. Most cars that age would be scrapped. Someone asked if i wanted to sell it the other day... not a chance was my reply.


When you get stuck and become disheartened go watch a few car shows like 'sin city motors', 'fantom works', 'a car is born'.


Remember you don't have to buy the most expensive stuff, beg borrow and steal (well maybe not the steal part). There are loads of nice seats on ebay that are dirt cheap you dont have to start off with brand new leather bucket seats, same with engines etc. I managed to put my car on the road in 2007 for just over £4k and it's probably still worth around £3k.



I built my car. Very few people (present company excluded) can say that. Give it a go!

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I'd go along with richy666 on buying a car that is already registered. Thats what I did and I have found plenty to keep me occupied over the last few years. There is always something that you want to change and plenty that needs changing and if you are like me there's a lot to learn. I still don't think I'd want to take on a total build, mainly due to all the fiddling around getting angles and measurements right for the test but another registered car I would do in a heartbeat if it was what I wanted. No more room in the carpenter garage at the moment although I am off to Nottingham today to look at another tractor but I have promised the wife something will have to go if I buy it. Not the kit though, no way.

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Thanks for the replies guys.


I like putting thing together and learning as I go. I have done some mechanical works and have not been beaten by any problems (yet) but have not taken on anything like this before.

I have an Engineering mind - I need to know how things work and why! I know if I built a car I would always be tinkering and know what is going on with it. I also know if I bought one ready to go I would not know my car inside out and to me this is part of what taking on a kit car is about.


Like most others or as least snapperpaul I always have other things going on and know I would not like to spend the money for a registered car at the minute but If i took on a part build and the costs would be spread out 'time taken to build diluted the the pain'.

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