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Help! Any Suggestions?

Guest Moog6

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Hi Everyone,


Can anybody suggest the right adhesive for sticking my stick on Number plate to the nose cone? :help:


The adhesive on the backing isn't good enough, it has to be a very strong adhesive in order to keep the edges flat!


Any help much appreciated.


Dave. 8)

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Hi guys, thanks for replying!


Its a stick on number plate which reflective and right height numbers and letters etc.


I just need an amazing adhesive?


It will be near the front edge of the nosecone about an inch from

the edge. See attached pic.



Dave. 8)



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Hi Dave,


I’m guessing normal super glue might be a bit much here? Would this react with paintwork or fibre glass.

PVA glue won’t be sticky enough.

I would try it on an non seen section first.


If all else fails then ‘Pritt-stick ‘ or ‘blu tac’ ;-)



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Use some clear silicone. Will stick down the plate and can be removed at a later date without too much mess. use masking tape on the nose cone so when you wipe off any excess you get a nice seal between plate and nose cone with no mess :crazy:


or do as I did for 4 years and drive around with it in your boot so if you ever got stopped "it just dropped of, honest Guv :db: ". Never got a 2nd glance in 4yrs. Just fitted a temp one for MOt purposes 8)

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Guest James24785

The problem you're having is the vinyl won't conform to the complex curve of the nosecone, so I'm guessing airflow is getting under gaps and ripping it off?

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