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Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October


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Thanks to everyone who turned up. 8 kits and Jezs brothers 350z. Even Andi popped over to join in.


Bit of a pain at the motor museum as they gave away our parking to tr6s as they bought they were robin hoods! But the Royal British Legion sorted us out and we even got an invite to a flower show in the Cotswolds next summer with free cake on offer.


Caffeine and machine is an impressive place and a great place to visit. Pretty sure I will be going back soon.


The Pinto is going to get pulled in the next few weeks so the next run out will be with the Duratec. Hopefully early next year if all goes well!


Great end to my season and the sun was shining (most of the day)!




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It was indeed a most nice day. I learnt :

- never to expect the proprietor of a classic car museum to know the difference between a Triumph TR6 and a Robin Hood. I now question his validity to own said establishment and suspect he is in fact an alien that has adopted human form and is slowly infiltrating mankind, starting at Bourton-on-the-Water, the epicentre of european tourism.

- diesel, roundabout exits and cold, wet tyres are there to remind me why we should learn to instinctively react to oversteer

- Caffeine and Machine is a pretty solid business idea and I too must make a front door handle out of a 911 GT3RS camshaft and conrods


I found something appropriate to park next to...



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bet the owner of the catering van love that dan lol.


I did actually chat with him :) nice chap. In all fairness, the fit and finish between a Caterham and a kit is night and day, but - well - you'd expect it paying that wouldn't you :) ! I suspect it handles better too...

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