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Curborough Sprint Circuit Day Thursday 30th May 2019


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We are hiring the Curbourough Sprint Circuit on Thursday 30th May 2019 which is off the A38, north of Lichfield, Straffordshire.

Initially this is open to 2019 Club Members only and we'll see how quickly the places go and then if there are free spaces we'll throw it out to everyone.


We have places for 20 Cars available and the circuit can be used from 1000 to 1300 then 1400 to 1700 so there will be plenty of time for everyone. For safety there will only be one car on the course at a time and we will be using the top loop which keeps the maximum speed down to a sensible level.

There is a 105dB static noise limit that MAY be enforced.All drivers and passengers will be required to sign an indemnity before using the circuit.

More details of the circuit can be found here https://www.curborough.co.uk/

Places can be booked via our store link further up the page. If you book your place, please put your name on here so we can track who's going and how many places are taken.

I'm aware that Thursday won't suit everyone but the dates (especially weekends and Fridays) get booked up quickly. If there's enough interest, we will try to book more dates later in the year and consider making it a more regular event.

The cost will be £42 per car.

Any other question, please ask and I'll try and answer them.

Store link - https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/store/category/8-track-days/


1  Richy

2  Gaz

3  Zach

4  Jez

5  Tim

6  Matt

7  Mark Compton 

8 Stuart Meadwell

9 Paul Yeomans

10 Keith

11 Nathan

12 Alex

13 Ian

14 Lindsay 


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I have been asked about passengers and they will be allowed, as long as they sign the same indemnity as the driver. To keep thinks manageable we are saying one passenger per driver so in effect, if you want to bring someone with you on the day, it's OK and there isn't a problem if the passenger wants to have a drive.

On the previous occasions I've been to Curborough there hasn't been a requirement to wear a helmet. However, as the club will be responsible for safety, we are saying THE USE OF HELMETS IS STRONGLY ADVISED.

We want to make this a fun day for everyone and part of that is making it as safe as we can.

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I'll see if I can book the day off. Should have an answer by next week..

Scrub that idea..........

I need to move house before I can do anything posh like keeping my car within 70 miles of where I live 😂

But fingers crossed the seller may hurry himself up by then..

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Hi Tim,

It's because as stated in the original post the event is initially only open to paid up 2019 club members. This is to give club members first shout on the places. If you want to book now you'll need to join up via the join RHOCaR link in the store and after that, you'll be able to see the link on the track days page.

If you don't want to join up now, then you can wait and see if we still have places to fill when we throw it out to community users. This will depend on how fast the places go as we get nearer to the event.


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Guest autofocus


I paid my membership in October 2018, does that only give me membership until the end of 2018 ?

Do I now need to pay again for 2019 ?



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Memberships are now 12 month rolling. Something we've wanted to do for some time but which wasn't possible with the old forum software. Rolling memberships will be better value for members now and should enable us to encourage new members to join at any time of the year. 

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