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Curborough Sprint Circuit Day Thursday 30th May 2019


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Probably after Stoneleigh. Obviously we're trying to encourage people to join the club and take advantage of the other benefits it has to offer. 

At Stoneleigh we will be offering club membership at a reduced price if people can pay cash on the day because we avoid the fees for online payments and also don't need to send out the members packs. 

Similarly the Curborough event can be booked for a slightly reduced price for cash on the day. 

Prices will be £15 (instead of £20) for a full 12 months membership and £40 for the Curborough event. 

This is probably more information than you asked for but I wanted to get it out there for others to see. 

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Just over a week to go and there's still a few places left.

As organiser, I want everyone to have an enjoyable day free from any mishaps and I'm obliged to ensure that we're taking all the measures we can to ensure this happens.

Therefore it would help me on the day if people attending either as a driver or passenger could complete and sign the attached Event Registration Form and get it back to me either by e-mail (secretary@rhocar.org), attach it to a personal message or just bring it with them on the day. Potentially I could have 40 of these to deal with so getting a few sorted before the day would be a big help.

Curborough also have a sheet that we need to sign on the day that  but that will be less involved.

If anyone wants to come along as a spectator then please do so, it will be good to see you.


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Guest autofocus

Hi there,

I can see on the front page it says circuit use from 10am. What time do we need to be at Curborough for so as to get signed on etc ?

Also I see it mentions using the top loop, looking at this link what layout exactly is the top loop ?





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