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£350? Christ you're better bringing it up to Steve Walford in Birmingham to tune including a hotel overnight haha. Recently cost me £100 for an evening session - 4 hours roughly? And yes, it made a world of difference. I cannot recommend a good tune enough. Like I said, its gone from hard work to manage the engine and driving to literally smooth and easy allowing me to enjoy the day at Curborough. 

Yes the rolling road is tough on the car, but its no different to you thrashing it around on the road or a track. I'd rather it highlighted problems on the RR than the side of the road - I can 1000000% stand by that statement 🤣🤣

If it doesn't survive you fix it and move on. These aren't mass produced tin tops, they're for us to break, repair and improve. The RR will change your driving experience judging by what you've said about the current tune. All the bits you've replaced can only work as well as they can provided they are doing their job at the right time - something a tune will ensure.


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Emerald charged me £460 but it was money well spent because they spent most of the day tracking down a missing cylinder that most other tuners would have told me to fix and bring the car back. Also, I figured that as they supplied the ecu, they might be the best place to set it up initially. 

That said, I used Steve Walford to do the car when it had the Pinto in it and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. 

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If it doesn't survive then fix it or bin it. Rather have it break down on the RR than in the dark when it's raining on a blind bend. On my instructions mine was tuned not for ultimate power but for driveability and it made it a dream to drive, lovely and torquey but it still goes like a missile if you need it to. Looks a bit tatty but all the money has been spent under the bonnet.

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I used Emerald and they were fantastic, and you pay for the whole day no matter how long it takes.

I took mine back after changing to an uprated clutch so they could finish off the power run, at no extra cost.

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