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Stu (theduck) was premature and guessed correctly, even had the right colour bottle. I was going to load some photos but the option is no longer available.

Hopefully my engine will survive if not, its only an afternoon to fit another. Starting off with 55hp jets because I do not have to retard the engine ignition or fit colder plugs, it is a fully managed Zex (yes Zex not Sex) system with single a fogger for fuel and nitrous. I have a bottle warmer, auto-bottle opener and just for fun a purge switch which I suspect will be used more than actually driving.

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6 hours ago, fry61 said:

Just remember to switch the bottle off before explaining to Old Bill why you're speaking chip-munk & speeding; Mark.

Will do, thats why I decided to put the bottle in the boot and not on display, don't want to be an easy target.

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3 hours ago, brumster said:

Be interested to see how this goes, you going to get any numbers off a rolling road at all or will you just use your ArseDyno?

Backside for 55hp jets, but proper rolling road and second map programming for 100hp because I need colder plugs and retard ignition circa 4'degrees.

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