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Low pressure pump


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I need a new LP pump (I think) and I see that the cheap Chinese one I bought which has lasted 3 years is still less than half the price of a Facet pump. 

Does anyone know if the Facet is that much better or am I just paying for the name? 


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I have 2 pumps in parallel, permanently plumbed in with non return valves.

They are chinese copies.

Only one switched on at a time, I periodically check that both are working after being standed several years ago, never had a fuel problem since.

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Nan’s saying.  Buy cheap buy twice.  

look at the other reply’s.  
“ I have 2 Chinese ones mounted side by side “

buy 2 and that way you have a spare” 

buy ONE well built expensive pump and fit it and forget about it 

could NEVER understand why someone would spend £1000s on a kit car but skimp on something that will leave you on the hard shoulder 


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Hmmm, deep and meaningful but marketing hype that advertisers would love you to believe.

Take apart, for example, your hugely expensive iPhone and you will find the same parts used in a Huawei that costs a third of the price - you are paying for the name.

I have a cheap Chinese camera on my car that cost me £40 and is still working fine - on a recent trip, there were people moaning about how their £300 GoPros weren't working...

I'd be happy to pay more if it can be proven that I'm getting something worth the extra. Just having a well-known name on it doesn't work for me...

So back to the original question; do YOU have a Facet pump which has been on for many years without a problem?

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Have always used Facet low pressure pumps since the 90's, never had one fail on me yet. No-name high pressures ones, that's a different story, but LP stuff... have always used Facet and have had no issues. Mind you none of the cars were particularly high-mileage (all kits/competition cars) !!

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OK, so this is good to hear so far - follow-on question; anyone had a cheap, Chinese LP pump fail on them?

Mine is not actually dead (I thought it might be but I tested it last night and it's fine), so 3 years, 9k miles and counting...


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5 hours ago, nelmo said:

Interestingly enough, will the car stop?

What prompted me to check my LP pump was this other post from someone who discovered his LP pump had died BUT his HP pump had enough oomph to suck the petrol from the tank directly, even through the non-functioning LP pump.

Actually in that post I don't think the LP pump died. I think it was never powered via the loom, that was my problem anyway. I had always tested the system by direct powering the LP pump just ass-um-ing the GBS harness would work correctly. The swirl pot was full on my first trip out and I can tell you, you can go 7.5 miles on a swirl pot full of fuel till you end up on the side of the road for your first drive out. Scratching your head. 

High heat will cause the Facet LP pump to stop working. GBS reply is "dump cold water on it and hit it with something to get it going again."  My untested and unproven theory is the diffuser reduces air flow and traps heat causing problems for the LP pump. Especially in our constant +30*C temperatures out here.  

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