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Sierra hazard relay


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I need to know if the hazard relay is combined with the indicator relay or are the sperate relays? 

I have already replaced the indicator relay with a led adjustable flasher rate relay.  The indicators work fine..... Hazards do mot work. 

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Got the hazard switch working.  Now the led gremlins look like they are still there. 

On indication they work fine fully off and then flashes fully on. 

On hazards front all very dim and then all flash fully on. 

Rear a few leds slightly on and then all flash fully on..... 

See videos attached. 

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A big thank you to our club secretary Richy "A true gent" 

My indicator stalk was causing my hazards issues the circuit board was damaged and its mot time..... Richy came to the rescue who had a spare stalk and posted it to me.  All fitted and everything is working OK.  

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@apgodden was this a faulty switch  I think im suffering the same with the same code of 90 on the stalk.

Hazards with no ignition working fine.

Right indicator working with hazard pressed down.

Left Indictor is turning the hazards for front and back.

Do you recon the stalk has gone ? 


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It is possible.  The issue with mine was the printed circuit board for the hazard contacts were badly worn.  Took me ages to find it. 

The only way would. Be to remove the back cover and termove the hazard button.  Be careful to keep the stalk in position. If this comes out it's a bugger to get back...... 

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@apgodden tried your method opened it up looks like the hazard button inside is badly damaged for the latch so it won’t lock into place. Also the contacts on the back of the pins was very oxidised. I managed to get everything back after an hour or so but now I don’t have have the left or right working at all. 

I needed up putting a post asking if anyone had a spare stalk with the 90 code that I could buy. Don’t suppose you have a spare one ? 

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