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Has anyone electrified their Robin Hood?


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I am looking at putting an EV motor into my kit car.  My 6-year old has some health issues that mean noise from the current 2ltr will make him physically sick and may be have a fit.  So I am on the electric route so he can enjoy the car too.  Anyone have experience of this?



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Has been done before, when I first went to Stoneleigh kit car show a few years ago now there was an electric car using lead acid battery's,

I beliver you have a couple of options,

Mount motor to gearbox and use gears,

Mount to rear dif or direct to wheel, lastly being the better option but might need 2 motors.

Will need to get LIFP04 batteries, these come in different form factors.so depending where you going to place them.

Would need to pick your motor size and voltage, then speed controller for the motor then match the batteries to the motor,

Would suspect you will need to be up in the 110vdc to 200vdc range to keep the current down so you haven't got 1 ton of cabling

Would recommend doing plenty of research on it, would be an interesting project


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Got to agree - I'm scared of the 12v car battery 🤯

My standard 2L engine is, sadly, not that loud - most of the noise is wind and tyre, which you'll still get with an electric 7. If you want quiet, no kit is going to work, irrespective of the power plant. 

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Stay away from it. Once you make a mistake and there is a fire you can't stop it. After a an rtc in America one caught fire and was eventually extinguished using 1000 gallons of water. The makers technicians removed half of the batteries to make it safe and it was removed to a safe place where it caught fire again 18 hours later, was extinguished and then reignited 24 hours later. It's called thermal runaway and difficult to stop. I believe the German fire service dunk the whole car in a container of water and leave it there 

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You're right, they did - I wonder what happened to that money? 😉 

I note that GBS are following in Caterham's footsteps - lot of their cars seem to be factory builds now. The FB page is full of carbon fibre this and that with money being thrown at builds (yes, I'm jealous)...

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Thanks people.  I am going to push ahead with and really appreciate your responses.  His condition comes down to frequencies, so I can change screens etc, tyre, etc.  We have a house battery that carries no fire risk.  I an reduce the voltage as im not going on an autoban anytime soon.  I believe the tech is going to develop over the next 2-years.  Wife is getting an electric Mini for the obvious health issues.

Above all else I think it is going to be awesomely cool to do!

Thoughts and opinions are invited, the Westfield stuff is really interesting.


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I think the early Stoneleigh show was Dragon sports cars or something  like that. Various companies are now springing up offering conversions but they are generally more than the car is worth.  
a couple of companies I’m aware of are:
Ecoclassics https://www.ecoclassics.co.uk/

Electrogenic https://www.electrogenic.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAqvaNBhDLARIsAH1Pq519QRSgWuJa_3j9QPkRK_zyLoBFqne6BMmIwjTmXO87CRKBEZh_bSAaAlQmEALw_wcB

Zero EV https://zero-ev.co.uk/?v=79cba1185463

Electric classic cars https://www.electricclassiccars.co.uk/

Electric classic cars had a series on TV called vintage voltage. There was always a 7 type car in the background. An MK I think. 
Eco classics founder originally converted his Westfield 11 and was in one of the Complete Kitcar magazines. 
MEV also dabbled a bit in electrification. 

Hope this is of use 


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