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Glove box


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Has anyone made a glove box?

I have the standard GBS fibreglass dash and I'd like to use the space on the left for a small glove box. I'm imagining that I cut out a piece of the GRP and then fit some sort of hinge at the bottom, lock/latch at the top and the main body maybe just fabric-covered card or something?

The trickiest bit I can imagine is how to attach the hinge and lock onto GRP - is there a standard technique for bonding metal to GRP?

Any ideas/suggestions greatly received.

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So continuing on with this, anyone know of a push-to-open/close latch that will work on 2 butted panels, like this:


I don't want a handle on the outside or a lock, just something you push down on to open and close. I don't know if something like this exists (I'd be amazed if not) so I don't know what to search for. I've tried just scrolling through hundreds of different latches but nothing like this yet.



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13 hours ago, richyb66 said:

Oooh, now that's quite a good idea, if not cheating 😉. Also not sure I have the depth behind the dash to fit that in.

I was thinking about a cup holder but then I realised that with a kit, I can't imagine any drink staying in the cup for more than 30 seconds - they're not exactly a floating carpet-style ride (well, not mine, certainly) 🙃. I guess if you had a sealed cup but they tend to be quite large - I've got a couple which wouldn't fit into that size.

Back to the drawing board...

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The problem with all those latches is that they work with panels at 90deg to each other - my panels are 180deg to each other (as per my sketch above).

I have a caravan but my doors all either have a handle/button or have a perpendicular surface but I'll check that, thanks 👍

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make a metal plate that matches the screw holes in the hinge, then use some adhesive like "sticks like *bleep*" between the plate and the bumpy inside face of the GRP, and then fix hinge with machine screws and nuts, whilst the adhisive is still uncured


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Best idea we had for the glove box was to use an industrial "hoover" cloth bag on the inside , the rim fixed to the back inside of the door ; it's like the Tardis in there but please use Mini wiper gear. 

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Yup, that's pretty much what I've decided to do except the latch will go on a bracket attached to the dash piece, rather than the 'box'. This is because the 'box' is going to have to be fairly flexible because I need to get to the fuse box which will be behind it. 

If that makes any sense? 😃

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