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  1. Away from Wednesday for 10 days ,so Tuesday would be best ,if you want to pick it up from mine and take yours off at your leisure I don't mind ,call tomorrow evening if you want
  2. Frazer ,you and Stuart saw it when you picked up the seats ,I think then I didn't know that it wouldn't fit mine
  3. Thanks everyone, Had a good one again as usual, went to the races yesterday, to much beer to much food and spent way to much money Chillin out today, got Andrea pampering me, (got myself a good one there) Cheers everyone Ivan
  4. Hi, I have a stainless 4 into 1 pinto manifold, came off an MK , bought it to go on my 2b but it doesn't quite fit, you're more than welcome to come and have a look if you want ,I'm in Armthorpe in doncaster so quite local Ivan
  5. Hi,quite a few places to go to, but I think the nearest one is John sleath,and he's in Conisborough never used him myself but heard good things about him, I'm in doncaster but I went to autotronix at Dinnington, done mine twice now reasonable price and does a decent job Ivan
  6. Hi all,yes, another fantastic weekend, a big thank you to Becky and keith, a great event, not to the same scale as Hollowell but well organised and decent facilities ,a decent turn out from club members, and lots of interest from spectators, also thanks again to Andrea and Becky for feeding us all on Saturday night and to those who flipped burgers and sausages for lunch Cheers everyone, hopefully do it all again next year IVAN-ANDREA
  7. No worries, hopefully you'll get it sorted Ivan
  8. Hi Marcus, I've got an A frame and a mondeo you can borrow if you want, that's if your car is rolling on all 4 wheels, towed mine back from Scotland with it and it works fine, only problem is that we are going to Pickering tomorrow evening, don't know how soon you wanted to get it there Ivan
  9. Hi all , just an update on the curry for the Saturday night , we're sorting the curry,if anyone wants rice and a bread of any kind then you will have to sort yourselves out,unfortunately we're unable to do all that for everyone, also make sure that you have something to eat with and out of ,looking forward to it,see you all Friday Ivan
  10. Hi all, how many people are camping over on the Saturday night at Pickering, just want an idea of numbers, Andrea would like to cook a curry for us all, that's if people fancy it Ivan
  11. Sorry to hear that Marcus,could have been a lot worse, just think of all those times chasing Terry, like everyone else if I can help at all give us a shout , even if it's to join in taking the pi$$ Ivan
  12. Just let me know, might have new engine in by then, depending when it is, see if I can get a bit faster
  13. Contact Simon B, he'll do you the dvds at a small cost Ivan
  14. Dan,would it be possible to do just the morning?already booked up for the afternoon Ivan
  15. I might be able to make it, will let you know later Ivan
  16. Happy birthday mate, Have a good one IVAN-ANDREA
  17. All the best Emma Enjoy your day IVAN-ANDREA xx
  18. Happy birthday Phil, Have a good one, All the best IVAN-ANDREA, And thanks for the hard work throughout the year much appreciated
  19. Got all my paperwork sorted,will be getting Andrea to polish my helmet later for me, looking forward to it, will it be as much fun without the rain?
  20. Had a great night , See you all again on Wednesday, no alcohol though
  21. Happy birthday to Terry,have a good one mate,and welcome to the 50s club,it's a great place to be,all the best Ivan & Andrea
  22. Hoping to make it for the Saturday night ,camping over, Ivan & Andrea
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