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    3d printing

    ...or you can get this aluminium 3D printed - do a google search and you'll be amazed as whats available these days.
  2. All, As in the title, Zetec 1.8 exhaust cam wanted Thanks Craig
  3. wowblaauw


    Hi, I'm interested in your Zero roof - please let me know which Zero you have to confirm. Thanks Craig
  4. Hi, I have the following: A windscreen for a 2B wide body side repeaters a pair of GBS bucket seats or a pair of glass fibre bucket seats - pm me your email address and I'll send over some images Cheers Craig
  5. Dave, mirrors arrived - thank you very much. Cheers Craig
  6. I'll take the mirrors please - see pm
  7. I, many thanks for the response. I've been away , just back, missed Stoneleigh; oh well always next year. Yes, very interested, please PM me cost etc. Thanks, Craig
  8. All, found these on the bay the seller says that they are new bubble wrapped but does have a few scuffs from being moved. Was going to buy them myself and then realised they wouldnt fit.£45 and a trip to Chesterfield but seller will ship. 263651063631 Cheers Craig
  9. As in the title, any one with a spare set you are looking to off load please let me know. Thanks in advance, Craig
  10. If only this was for a Zetec... Good luck with the sale
  11. Hi, can you send me pictures of the weeks please. Thanks, Craig
  12. Seats collected, thank you very much, Im very happy with these seats.
  13. I had a similar issue with mine, 40amp denso blowing circuits, some working then not, loads of silly stuff. Took the alternator to a local specialist who replaced the regulator and voila all happy again. Not suggesting that this is the cause but if you have a local alternator specialist then take it there first. If not, then it’s a bit of a trek but MC alternators in Warrington will help you out. Cheers, Craig
  14. I managed to buy GBS Zero gt set by accident when mine is a standard Zero. Think they cost £14.95, tenner plus post and they’re yours unless someone is passing and can do the RHOCAR post thing Cheers Craig
  15. Ok thanks, I’ll let you know, I just want to make sure that they will fit.
  16. Finally, and I really mean finally. Just one thing though and given the original symptoms, I agree with all comments regarding the high tension circuit, that leads, coil pack etc. as mentioned I replaced the whole lot. Ok, so finally, it was the HP fuel filter. When running new fuel lines I replaced the filter (Sytec) and pump as well. I had (several weeks ago) replaced the new HP pump with the original I’d taken out but with still the same issue. This is the first spare weeekend for more than a month. So with my 3 month old baby we planned a complete strip of the fuel system and a rebuild. Late Friday during final stage she gurgled and I interpreted as change the filter. I had bought a new Epman from the bay and thought maybe I carry out a quick filter change first. While I was at it I checked the line from swirl pot to the filter, fuel ran freely, ok. Then changed the filter, tested for leaks, all good. Time to fire up. Wow, instant catch and running. Once warmed, checked the fuel pressure and brought back down to 3 bar and tested. All good so far, so with a final wave to the baby off I went on the test. Well, I couldn’t believe the change! Christ I thought, I better slow down, responsibilities etc. A 10 minute test became two tanks of fuel and a frustrated mummy; daddy not doing his chores... So finally, all the issues fixed and on the 10th month anniversary from the day I started to strip the car. What a journey. The ups and downs, guess it’s all part of the fun eh! Thank you all for all of your comments and help, very much appreciated. What next? Handling! With all this new power, talk about bump steer, skittish handling, no confidence in turning in, bouncing all over the place... Cheers, Craig
  17. Ok, here’s what I’ve figured. When I had the car up on its stands last year to re-run the new electrics I also decided to replace the cooling and re-run some of the fuel lines. Cooling is now very happy. Fuelling however is not. Before I start with where I am I did replace the ht leads, plugs and coil pack but without change. The original builder ran a mixture of copper piping (all the same sizes) with rubber hose and 90* bends which didn’t look the best and was corroding so I changed from the swirl pot to fuel rail with a new bullet filter and HP pump with what I thought was an-6 lines. Actually it turns out that I was supplied an-8 pipe which I fitted with an adjustable regulator. At first when I discovered the misfire under load it was due to not enough pressure - slight misread on the gauge by me. Then when running the car I now get a lack of power- I mean don’t get me wrong the Car does go, just not that quickly for around 4 miles and then misfires until it stops. I leave it off for a bit and it then fires up and off I go again. I’m probably answering my own question here but do you reckon it’s because of a pressure drop or starvation or account of the change in line sizes? Oh, the HP pump sounds like it wants to take off due to the noise it’s making. I have changed the pump but not the filter. Ideas on this would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Craig
  18. Hi All, just a quick updat; received spare pins from GBS last week and following the instructions as detailed above managed to replace the affected ignition switch pin and we now have a running motor again. Mot take two coming at the weekend. Thanks again everyone for all of your help and advise, very much appreciated. Cheers Craig
  19. Many thanks all, and again special thanks to knights_tmplar et al. You are right, the car did run fine previously - I was warned, several issues waiting for the opportune moment to fail, notably the ECU - fluid damage and a misfire to pot 3 and a partial corrupt map caused havoc. Once past all of these it seems now that a cheap Chinese adjustable fuel pressure reg has caused some miss readings and following a hike in fuel pressure the misfire under load disappeared. I'll be replacing this with a new part soon. Another lesson to learn and I preach it almost daily - "you only get what you pay for". Thanks again fellas, all very much appreciated.
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