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  1. After looking at the write up on this switch and seeing as it states off/on not off/on/on, i would suggest that you may well be correct with your findings, one other thought would be with it having a two turns of the key, is the key removable in the second position so as to lock it in the on position i wonder. I have used this type of switch on many control panels in the past. Mike
  2. Some time ago i had the same problem, i emailed Piper Cams and they had the answer by reply email. As it happened it was an early cam with different markings to current available rally cam in my case. Mike
  3. miikae

    Robin 2b Fog Light

    They only should work when dipped lights are used , if my memory serves me right, thus power comming from a relay switched by your dipped lights. Mike
  4. miikae

    Petrol Tank

    I had a quick trip to my local scrappy and ended up with them dragging a Fiesta off the heap and ripping the tank out for me the i operated on it there and then with my tin snips and a hacksaw blade, as i didn't want the rest of the tank. Mike
  5. miikae

    Petrol Tank

    I had this problem many moons ago, I cut the sender part out of the top of the sierra fuel tank, made 6 holes around the outside and then bolted it on to the tank with a gasket, the sender then just fits as it was designed to. I have had no problems since. Mike
  6. miikae

    2011 Member

    Painless extraction completed Merry Christmas To All Hoodies. & A Happy Build Year For 2011 Mike
  7. miikae

    Popping Exhaust

    Carbs They Suck Engine Goes Bang Exhaust Goes Pop Smiles Begin & Do Not Stop Wheels Spin & Tyres Wear So What Is Left I Do Not Care But Drive Your Hood As Fast As You Dare Dont Sit Inside Typing Trying Not to Swear Enjoy Yourselves As Life Is To Short All Above Is Only A Thought
  8. Bicarbonate of soda solution should neutralise the acid residue, i used to use it a lot for cleaning up fork truck acid spills. Mike
  9. There is talk of the Panton brothers getting "Just Jane" airworthy sometime soon.
  10. miikae


    If you are intent on doing track days then a roll cage is the best way to go plus a helmet of cause.
  11. miikae


    I have tried to find the original post on this topic but to no avail, it was his blown zetec engine that he replaced with one from a scrappy , he just changed the sensor housing as i remember, but having not seen one i dont really know anything further. His answer was found on LCB a few months ago. I will see if i can find that post. Mike
  12. miikae


    I have read somewhere reciently about the same problem, with someone who replaced his manual zetec with one out of an auto and had the same problems as you , the crank sensor housings are at different angles if i remember correctly, its been a while so i could me mistaken. HTH Mike
  13. miikae

    Google Maps

    I just checked my post code and there is a pic of my hood in the drive and my other car parked outside, big brother is cetainly watching us all now. I can even see dog bones in the garden and look in all the front windows very scary.
  14. miikae

    Ex01 Exhaust Can

    Aidrian, if you dont value your hearing then by all means fit a bike can, but remember the outlet will not be too far from you ear and after a short drive you head will be ringing i know as i have been there as have many others, even on a bike the can is further away, my Triumph has twin Burgess silencers and they are loud but atleast they are pointing away from the rider. Mike
  15. Mark 1 Sierra S7 Stainless version, Mike
  16. Is this what you are after http://westfield-world.com/svalights_front.html Mike
  17. miikae


    Now i know why granny hated banks so much and kept all her money under the bed
  18. I have just checked my 3 spare cables and the middle one i have is 990mm as per your marks with numbers 6478338 & 723999 on a label but possibly a QCC 1232, no ideal what car it was intended for now, my short one is the same as yours at 882mm and the long one 1150mm Sierra Cosworth 2WD QCC1585 HTH Mike
  19. I changed my 4 speed type E rocket box for a type 9 with no problems apart from the the gearbox mount being a few inches further back , the splines being the same and the prop fitted correctly too, quite an easy job. Both boxes us a 1"x23 splined input shaft. Mike
  20. I had to buy myself a pair of Adidas Goodyears to be able to drive it safely even after i modded the pedal spacings.
  21. This is another supplier Williams Fasteners Bridgend hope this one is a bit cheaper for you. I did a search for Bridgend Fastener Suppliers. OOPS that Riverside hardware do seem very expensive . Mike
  22. Pirate use only as it wont pass any safety regs
  23. Have you tried your local Riverside Hardware HTH Mike
  24. miikae

    Too Much Gas?

    A night out has cost me much more and with fewer smiles at the end of it, so its far cheaper and more rewarding in smiles and great feelings even if the tank is almost dry at the end of an exhilerating happy days run out in the Hood. If you can see the fuel gauge slowly heading to m/t you know you are having fun even more so when when airborn after hump back bridges and the like then you realy know you have built a goodun. Fuel is only a means to a very smiley joyfull end product a true sports car.
  25. miikae

    I Wonder?

    I saw that some time ago and seem to think someone said that it was his dads pride and joy.
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