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  1. Has the bestek ignition been any good mine turns up tomoz ? Dan
  2. My 2 year old daughter has christened my car with a name from her favorite TV program Brum (that little yellow car) she calls my 2b "Big Brum" Dan
  3. The vernier is well worth it mine on my standard cam gave an extra 6bhp on the dyno. Dan
  4. I,ve been looking at doing the same thing but with bike carbs, but was advised by burtons and torquetune that the valve spring seats would need machining due to the higher lift of the cam. Dan
  5. Yes it is through a relay it was working after the head gasket swap then later that day after i,d drained the cooling system and refilled with antifreeze it ceased working....?? Its always 1 step foward and 2 steps back with this car Dan
  6. Has any one had an adjustable thermostatic capillary type Fan switch fail? mine has just gone at only 500miles old just wondering if it is common place before i spend extra and get an electronic one instead. Also any ideas where to get one demon tweeks seems to be only place for an electronic one and i,m morally opposed to spending my hard earned with them... Dan
  7. speedtripledan

    Anti Theft Device

    On my car i have the sierra steering lock, battery kill switch, fuel pump switch and best of all quick release steering wheel like to see them nick it without the wheel and even if they did it would run out of fuel
  8. Not sure the plug fits the smaller plug socket 14mm i think but will have to check sunday. Dan
  9. For sale 1 x intermotor 15311 ingnition module to fit pinto 2.0L EFI brand new not used cost me £58 £25 + bit to post now £10 + post
  10. Had this color tune kit for yrs only used it the once £12 + a bit to post Dan
  11. speedtripledan

    Bike Carbs

    when i switch mine off i some times hear a little flame type noise in the exhaust, when setting mine on the dyno we had to remove all the plugs and clean them they were black and as sooty could be, the car got to the point it would not start after that headway was made with good results Can,t recommend a dyno enough best £160 i spent would not have got them right without it. Going back soon when my new ignition is fitted to make sure i get every last bhp extracted Dan
  12. My vernier pulley with bike carb gave another 6bhp on the dyno Dan
  13. speedtripledan

    Bike Carbs

    I,m assuming the carbs are fireblade if they came from gbs. i just had there manifold but had my own carbs. Mine were set up on a dyno and had the mains dropped down to 1.3mm with the air correctors blanked off the engine was running way to rich with the 1.6mm gbs recomeended. Mine with help of a vernier cam pulley and standard efi dizzy achived 130bhp on the dyno. Mine was doing the popping and back firing when i 1st took it to the dyno but is now sweet all the way through the rev range and down again, only pops a bit if you start from cold with no choke and try to rev it Dan
  14. I was toying with the V6 cosworth but never really found any good info on gearbox fitment so not bothered as yet, if you do manage it i,d be interested in how it is done. extra weight maybe but they sound great and loads of torque. Dan
  15. Just found this supplier on ebay Gaskets for classics ltd half the price of my local motor factors and 66% cheaper than burton power on my pinto bits Dan
  16. Got mine from burton power £12 works great no probs fitting. Dan
  17. What engine and ignition is it? my efi one lost its spark turned out to be the dizzy that had broke not the module only found out after wasting £60 buying a new module that was ok after all. Dan
  18. I also have an acewell and the 1st magnet flew off, i then drilled one of the prop bolts slightly to sink a new magnet into the bolt with araldite this gave it protection from centrifugal force, then made a simple bracket to get the pick up close enough. after that went out with my road angle until i calibrated it. its been there for almost 2yrs now now probs and very accurate. Dan
  19. I,m about to take my 2B to get the steering tracked mainly to center the steering wheel does anyone have any specs for the tracking on this model ? Thanks Dan
  20. Gbs made me a lowered sump. Dan
  21. Just looked on ebay he is not listing any sent an email to so if he can supply thats the route i,m going if he can ( ordered today ) Thanks Dan
  22. speedtripledan


    I only flushed my engine when i got it so as i knew i had a good starting point other than that i never bother i just change the oil at the start of the season always sorn through the winter. Dan
  23. What is it about my car that makes di*k heads want to race all the time they either see you coming and put there foot down or tailgate trying to get me to floor it Then there is the flip side of the coin the lets slowdown and hold the sports car up brigade I know some of it is curiosity what is the rest about jealousy ?? or is it the car is so different from there perception of normal they just don,t get the point??? Example my mot guy took the car out for a brake test as he was about to pull out of the yard a woman in a battered micra pulled up in front of him wound her window down and shouted he must have a small "appendage" to be driving that ????? then drove off laughing to herself Different example i went to the chippy tonight to fetch my tea parked up outside on the road and a guy Hung out of an upstairs window and took photos of the car that sort of atention i don,t mind.
  24. Not sure if you can do it to the efi dizzy
  25. My bike carbs added 30bhp with a vernier cam pulley wait till you try that
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