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  1. I run without header tank without any issues, I found the problems I had were all related to the raceline water rail being poorly designed Binned that for a retro ford rail and had zero problems sense. Using a triple core alloy rad as well.
  2. Enjoy, I've been doing it 12years now and still enjoy the cars. You don't get better smiles per miles!
  3. You can also transfer the v5 online instantly
  4. I emailed governor to confirm camping arrangements as based on last years experience I wasn't sure about the usual spot. Here is the email I received back Goodning Dan, Block 64 is a no camping zone and you will not be allowed to camp there unfortunately you have not request nor sent in a club booking form so you will not have a club area this time if you would like one next request a club booking form in January 2019 so we can post you a form the camping zones are block 16 and 25, as for your kit car on trailer we will count it as a kit car so you will be charged £5.00 entrance fee. Regards Pete
  5. I.m fixing oil after stoneleigh,. So assuming the dates don't clash with work I will be there
  6. My gearbox has got to come out also, it's pissing oil out the front after the track day
  7. Just looked at the rockingham wet grip track day that looks fun. Good way to master sideways
  8. By the looks of it then no one is going, fancy it then rich ? Your V8 versus the banshee ?
  9. I usually turn up just after midday on the sat.
  10. I was thinking the same. They got right annoyed when we ignored the Marshall's last year. i.m going to go in the main area Near as I can to where we normally camp. 2nd reason being my van sunk in the mud last year.. with the weather this year the ground will be worse still
  11. Did blyton a couple of weeks ago cost me £119 I had the track to myself practically. Had a great day. Going again soon if anyone fancys it, date yet to be chosen
  12. Blyton park is a good track, but costs for proper tracks are £120 + per person but for that it's open pit lane all day. That's what i.d like to do or santapod or another drag strip we could all then finally prove the figures Anglesey sounds good also
  13. When my car was 165hp, budget tyres and low gears it did a 13.7 at an airfield 1/4mile test. My V6 coupe Peugeot did a 14.7 on the same day. When I find somewhere to do it I will use the 0 to 60 and standing quarter timers in my Speedo and have another play.
  14. So the Ukrainian center isn't happening then ?
  15. I have one in my garage just a cheap eBay special catch tank
  16. So is eosb being arranged or not? I need to book time off long in advance, this event above you whisper about whens that likely to be? I can't attend the Huntingdon event due to relatively short notice and not able to book time off.
  17. Great the best event in the year is now not happening, this was always a great "family orientated" event where the kids of rhocar could run around and a great time in total safety. Keira is very upset by this event not happening, equally so am I. The other private limited number event is not a replacement by any means. Pretty the only reason I paid my membership this year was for the eosb. Guess I will save my membership fee next year....
  18. Standard type 9 with the usual diff overings is going to need 3rd before you hit 60mph killing your times. Testing mine with its old diff I was getting 4.7sec (etb inbuilt Speedo timer) new diff will reduce it further as I can now hit it in 2nd. Grip is the biggest problem
  19. test the sender when the engine is up to said temp and see how many ohms its reading and check with gauge manufacture to see what range the sender should operate between. Are they a matched pair ?
  20. I had problems with etb Speedo it wouldn't work with the supplied sensor as you described. I bought a type 9 electronic Speedo sender. It's worked perfect ever sence
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