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    Well done and congratulations good to see another Zero on the road. Regards Mark
  2. Due to the wifey moaning about the number of car parts coming through the post, some are now sent to my work address. Then like magic appear in the garage on a positive note there is always somebody in the work place to sign for the goods.
  3. Scott, I have opted for the GBS dash in yellow with ETB guages. I am happy with the final result clean and no need to worry if it rains. Rgds Mark
  4. Jamie, Been in the same place a few times, work commitments, MSc, fostering and lack of funds. I have gone through periods of no garage time for upto 3 months, i'm in no rush still enjoying the build. It will be worth it when you have finished the car and HNC - camping, eating hog roast, drinking with new friends. All the best. Mark
  5. Fantastic tool would highly reccommend you buy a decent quality tool that is capable of doing stainless steel rivnuts. As above you can live without it but it will make your life easier, plus you can sell it on after the build. All the best with the build. Regards Mark
  6. Hi Spencer, Fitted mine today, as Nick stated self tappers. Hoovered the tank afterwards, use some child labour (small hands) with gaffer tape around hand and finally rinse through with intake cleaner there shouldn't be any swarf if there is the inline filter will stop it. Also hoping to get the car on the road next year. Separate earth point on chassis and heat shrink over connectors for the professional look. Regards Mark
  7. MarkBzero

    Help Needed

    I'm going to Stafford and work in Basingstoke at least one day a week, could arrange to meet Chris at M3 services. Regards Mark
  8. Thank you, I have loads of pictures need to start a blog or photobucket. Any spare time is on the car in the garage......
  9. Thank you, next step which edge strip/trim do you think looks best ( I have stainless steel panels) a. Chrome trim (left) b. Black u channel trim (middle) c. Black boot soft sponge trim (right) Have a impact on the final design. Regards Mark
  10. ETB gauges arrived in less than 10 days, excellent service fitted last weekend - not differcult but timely because I did not have the right size hole cutter. Gone for clean and non cluttered design, what do you think? Mark
  11. I am going to fit twin dellorto's so I'm interested in any responce, not sure if you have this information attached but may help. Not used it yet waiting for engine mounts. I also have a word document titled Selection and tuning of Dellorto DHLA carburettors but its 1mb and too big to upload. Regards Mark
  12. At last a full weekend in the garage!

  13. Martin, You are not to far away from me who's building the exhaust system, I am getting close to this stage? Regards Mark
  14. John, Looks good, I don't know how they do it but most of our work vans a wrapped. Hope the rears are easier. Regards Mark
  15. Steve. I personally believe the £15 is worth every penny. However I think you hit the nail on the head 'We need to concentrate on encouraging new members, not talk about excluding people'. I am in business improvements, increasing efficiency, improving customer experience and reducing waste etc. and the first question we need to ask is what are our customers(existing members/potential members) requirements? List the benefits/functions for non-members and members, like it or not we have to consider the whats in it for me! Which boxes does it tick for the widest audience. Why Rhocar/who's the competition? What do they offer? I can go on and on and on......I am pasionate about my this subject and beleive in the tools and techniques. After this message I will be signng off for a week - no internet/no pc/no technology - hoorah. I will send a few ideas that may help, possibly going over old ground but worth some consideration. Regards Mark
  16. Steve, Looks goog will you be at Stafford this year? Regards Mark
  17. The kit car will be exempt by time I finish. signed totally agree.
  18. Have another test drive in somebody's hood it will remind you why you should continue. Also same as above concentrate on the 'get the car done' leave the detail and perfections to after its road worthy. I am a perfectionist 'quality is my job' but after 2 years i realised i need to accept OK.
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    Good idea I was looking for a small trailer tent to do something similar, cover in stainless and add yellow arches.
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