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    Don't be shy! Join in the fun by registering to post on the forum, and to get full benefits you can buy 12 months club membership for just £20!  Membership includes a quarterly club magazine, discounts with insurance companies and specialist suppliers,  exclusive, early or discounted access to a number of events each year and much more!

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  • Welcome to RHOCaR - The UK Kit Car Club

    The aim of the club is to help and support members during the build (and inevitable on going maintenance and modifcation) as well as to plan and organize a wide range of social and sporting events, from local area events to our national End of Year Bash! We have one of, if not the largest club stand at the National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh each year, and we definitely serve the best burgers! We also have stands at many other shows throughout the year all around the country. It's not just shows though, our active area secretaries and members arrange regular run outs and even longer trips including the ever popular Wales and Scotland trips.

    The Club produces four magazines a year, exclusively for club members. It is packed with news, events, articles, technical features and irreverent cartoons. The Club is an independent organisation, and although we have our roots as the Robin Hood Owners Club and Register, we are very much a club for all makes and model of kit car, so anyone can be a "Hoody", as its all about the state of mind, not the car you drive!

    Being a member of The UK Kit Car Club has many benefits above those already mentioned. Members benefit from discounted insurance with nearly all of the specialist kit car insurers, and often get a discount that is more than the membership fee itself. Membership also gets you full access to the forum, and a wide variety of other discounts, including discounts at Euro Car Parts. You'll also find other members are willing to go well above and beyond for anyone they see is in need of help, as long as they too are a member!

    So whether you own a Robin Hood, a GBS Zero, a Locost, an MK, a Westfield or a Caterham, all can benefit form joining, so what are you waiting for?

    Leicestershire Area Meeting

    Andy Spencer
    By Andy Spencer,


    Please note that we will NOT be meeting in December. Our next area meet will be on the 25th January at the usual venue - Waterside Inn in Mountsorrel, 7.30pm onwards.


    Please come along with your ideas and wishes for the area for next year and we can then get some dates in the diary for some runs out and other local events. Sorry its been a bit quiet for a month or two but the new arrival has taken up a fair bit of time!!!


    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to all.



    For Sale

    By Mat-Moo,

    Ok guys and girls it's called FOR SALE/WANTED for a reason, for people to sell stuff. Do NOT spam these threads with crap that have NOTHING to do with the actual sale of the item (wanted is slightly different) as there ARE people who are really interested in purchasing the item.


    I will, from NOW on, put a 48 hour access ban for access to the community to anyone who disprectes this rule.

    We Got Hacked...

    By Mat-Moo,

    Upgrading this board software is something that I've wanted to do for a long time. However just as I was about to do it, they annouced another revision due, so I waited (and waited and waited). The damage has now been done, and luckily nothing was deleted, but casued me about 4 hours work, including sorting it out, and applying as many non-official patches as possible.


    So the next step is to upgrade this board to the latest version, I've no idea how long this will take or when I will get to it, but we will see :)


    Hopefully it will hang in there!

    Race For Life

    By Mat-Moo,

    I was unfortunate enough to lose an uncle last year to cancer, this year both my sisters are entering the "Race for life" in aid of Cancer Research in our uncles memory.


    If anyone would like to donate (online) to support them, all donations small and large are welcome, and they can even claim the tax back on it as well.


    Both my sisters are running, and the links to there online donation forms are at :



    For Sale - Ebay?

    By Mat-Moo,

    I've noticed a few more adverts coming up int eh for sale section which are just links to your own ebay auction. While I have no issue with this, the item is not as such "For Sale" but "For Auction" and I think it would be nice if you made a reference in the title (or sub title/topic description as such) :)

    Batch Sizer

    By Mat-Moo,

    I know a few people use the Image SIzer product that I wrote, and the Members only old free one - well and almost new version is availabe Batch Sizer which is almost complete. I'd be very happy to get any feedback on this new product :)

    Members 04

    By Mat-Moo,

    At the end of January I will be removing this groups and dropping all of those in it back to the "Community Users" group. I am updating the online list as often as possible so please re-upgrade yourselves to RHOCaR 05 members as soon as you can.

    Happy New Year

    By Mat-Moo,

    All you guys and girls have a great New Year and 2005, just remember DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, you could spill some :boohoo:

    Asia Earthquake And Flood Appeal

    By Mat-Moo,

    I've seen little speak of this unbelievable disaster that has shocked the world PLEASE PLEASE visit Oxfam (or whoever) and make small donation of some sort






    p.s. The Red Cross have many other ways in which you can donate money... see below:


    (1) Use the 118 499 Directory enquiries



    (2) Discard your old mobile phones



    (3) Dispose of unwanted foreign coins



    (4) Recycle old inkject cartridges


    Merry Christmas 2004

    By Mat-Moo,

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas - this is posted on teh main site, and I want to see more of you on there, and also posting articles/reviews etc. over 2005 - from anyone, not just club members!

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